VW’s Latest Diesel Recall Has Nothing To Do With Emissions Cheating

Mention the name Volkswagen these days in connection with the word “diesel” – especially with regards to a recall – and the association that most people are bound to make is over cheating on emissions standards.

This latest recall, however, has nothing to do with that – though it does regard some of VW’s diesel powertrains.

According to the recall notice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the problem is with certain 2012-14 Passats equipped with diesel engines and dual-clutch transmissions. Apparently some vehicles so equipped could leak grease (not oil or fuel) from the right hand-shaft, which could result in a fire.

As a result, VW is recalling 84,262 vehicles to have the driveshaft heat shield replaced – a process which is set to begin in July. The issue isn’t likely to spread to too many other markets, though, as the Passat that Volkswagen builds and sells in America is an entirely different model from the one it offers in Europe and other markets.

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