Future Cars: 2018 Honda Accord Goes From Placid to Playful

The generic mid-size sedan is not exactly the stuff of bedroom posters, but they’ve been a hit with buyers for decades. Times are changing though, with consumer preferences shifting towards SUV’s and the battleground for the typical sedan is looking a little shaky.

As with Toyota and Chevrolet, Honda knows they have to inject some sex appeal into their mid-sizer to keep buyers interested and maintain sales. How will they do it? With an all-new, 10th generation 2018 Accord, so let’s take an illustrated first look at what Honda has in store for us.

What Will It Look Like:

Breaking with stodgy tradition, the next Accord will follow in the footsteps of its smaller Civic sibling with contemporary styling featuring a fastback profile.

Frontal design is dominated by thin-wedge LED headlamps, large multi-slatted chrome grille (or black for sporting variants) and aggressive lower intake detailing. The side DLO (daylight opening area) picks up quarter windows aft of the rear doors, whilst the boot opening will be slightly less practical due to the sleek profile and short rear deck.

Under The Swathe Skin:

The current car is one of the better offerings in terms of interior packaging and build quality, albeit lacking in design flair. How will Honda ramp up cabin appeal? Again, look towards the latest Civic, with better materials, driver assist technologies and infotainment options.

Underpinning the new Accord will be a platform shared with new CR-V and Civic, so don’t expect anything fancy construction or suspension-wise.

Efficient Powertrains:

Platform-sharing also means engine-sharing. Sitting as the new entry offering, Honda’s potent 1.5-litre, turbocharged four will supplement a larger displacement engine, gas-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid (PHEV).

What isn’t known, is if the larger capacity offering will be a V6 or detuned version of the 2.0-litre unit found in the Civic Type R. Power will be fed to the tarmac via continuously variable automatic (CVT) in most markets or possibly its new 10-speed automatic, however a 6-speed manual maybe be offered to North American buyers.

Midsize Competition:

Traditionally the Accord has outpaced rivals like Toyota’s Camry, Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima and Mazda 6. All have their strengths and weaknesses – arguably the Mazda is the best drivers pick of the bunch, however the next Accord is expected to up the ante in that department too.

Look for an official debut later this fall with a minor bump in pricing.

Tells us your thoughts on Honda’s next-gen Accord in the comments below.

By Josh Byrnes

Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

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  • Lyonel Baratheon

    ugly panamera

  • BlackPegasus

    Long wheelbase Civic for China. ?

  • Matthijs

    Your illustrations are nice to look at but often out of proportions, just like this one…

  • John

    looks pretty good to me.

  • d’Aforde

    An Audi A7 for the common man? I just hope it doesn’t have the Civic’s weird creases and folds. I don’t understand how a designer could mess up a sleek coupe shape like that.

    • Rocket

      That would be the Arteon. Unless Honda surprises us with a hatch option, the Accord will offer no more utility than every other mainstream sedan. At least it has the potential to look better if the rendering is remotely accurate. But I’m not optimistic. I find the Civic to be grossly over-styled, and I’ll be surprised if the Accord doesn’t follow suit.

      • Brandon Green

        The Accord shouldn’t have the Civic’s weird lines. The accord will probably have the sloping roof but more conservative. The Civic is like a lot of these hybrids. It’s a guarantee it’ll be ugly lol

  • Aquaflex

    This is still better than the current accord. Hopefully a detuned Civic type R with the 10 speed auto/ 6 speed manual will be the top dawg.

    • Brandon Green

      It’s supposed to have three 2.0T from the type R with the 10 speed transmission. Know a guy that works at the honda engine plant. Not sure about a manual.

      • Aquaflex

        I can understand not offering the 6 speed manual. Having a 10 speed auto(DSG?) would be way better than the cvt.

        • Brandon Green

          CVT on the 1.5T and a 10 speed on the 2.0T

  • 31/12/2999

    I’d prefer 2018 Camry

    • Jon F

      How do you know? Neither vehicle has been released yet.

      • Polyester Poontang

        Does not matter…. most comments from the Carscoops COMMENTERS ARE BASED ON BRAND NAME ONLY.

  • john1168

    Great render! I hope the production car has the hatch.

  • eb110americana

    Are you sure it will be on the Civic platform? Honda has always had two main platforms (well, three, if you count the smaller Fit/HR-V size, and probably some Kei car sizes for Japan) with the larger underpinning everything from the Accord, to the Odyssey, to the Pilot, to the Ridgeline.

    • Jon F

      Everything I’ve heard indicates it will share the Civic’s platform, albeit with a longer wheelbase. Going to a single shared platform simplifies things and given the R&D dollars put into it this likely isn’t a bad thing.

      • eb110americana

        While a Civic-based-Accord seems possible, especially considering how large the Civic has grown recently, It is still hard for me to picture a Pilot based on the Civic chassis.

  • Sébastien

    Looks like an A6 (side) that ate a Honda Civic (ugly face)

  • Kash

    Very Lucid Air, but very watered town.

  • Nihar

    2018 odyssey’s interior probably.

  • Research Janitor

    The front headlights need to be bigger.

  • Gerald Michael

    Good thing the Honda Accord has such a good reputation, because if it looks like that it’ll need it.

    • Jon F

      What’s wrong with the way it looks? Pretty generic to my eye, with a bit more trendy look than the previous gen.

  • mb4design

    If you’re going to imagine it, imagine it better (w/ out the goofy Acura blade grill).

  • pjl35

    This is a hideous render both in quality and style.

  • Socarboy

    Crosstour 2.0

  • Craig

    I think the Honda Accord is one of the very few cars made that is NOT revealed months and sometimes YEARS ahead of the sell date. And I love that. It builds up interest in me. In the olden-golden days you only knew what the new models looked like after they arrived at the dealership. Every October showrooms all across North America would have their windows covered in brown paper for the ‘big reveal’. My dad would be invited to most of them for VIP night. And it was fancy. Live bands. Fancy finger foods and great prizes. ALL for taking a first hand look at the ‘all-new’ Oldsmobile Ninety Eight! [Or whatever]

  • Laurenz
    • John

      they made current gen accord uglier by the year…

      • Laurenz

        The 7th Gen was the last Good Looking Accord.

        • John

          I actually hated 7th gen accord because i thought it looked bland and bulky. (sedan). *shrugs*

          i like the 2013/2014 of current gen accord… 2015~2018 just get worst and worst. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/52e56aab5c927588d72970c512e5faaf474afdcdc970a29e141f5cca3cf2f675.jpg

          • Laurenz

            Seriously! Bulky? Huh, The 7th gen was sleek and sporty, Bulky would be the 8th and current 9th gen. You must be 12. Haha.

          • John

            round and bulky. Honda was at interior capacity war with Toyota.
            insulting me with “you must be 12.haha.” not gonna prove your argument or opinion.

    • Brandon Green

      LOL. This is fake… No way the Accord will look like that.

      • Laurenz

        Well no one really knows haha. I just found that on google from a Honda Dealership.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Dear god, that’s unfortunate.

  • getoffme

    Hahaha ugly.

  • Harry_Wild

    I love liftback sedans and will consider buy the new Honda if it has a V6 engine offering. An AWD option would cling the deal but Honda America will not offer that on their sedans models since Toyota does not offer AWD option.

    I read about the new 2.0 turbo engine and I guess I alright by it! It is suppose to have just a little more power and torque the V6 but not as much as the Type R engine.

  • klowik

    The front grille still looks a bit underwhelmed. I don’t think the styling is attractive enough to move buyers from SUV.

  • Duke Woolworth

    Trust that the production model will have more ground clearance than the one in the rendering.

  • Drew Fortuno

    If they put a sport Version sedan with V6 and 6speed manual. I’m trading my car in and getting it.

  • Sgt Soros

    Well as a fan/owner of several Honda Accords over the past two decades I am throughly fed up with the total sisification of Honda Sedans, particularly this new Accord and Civic. Honda designers took OUT the hofmeister kink which makes it look like a Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima. I will not go near any new Honda Sedan vehicle with a ten foot pole.

  • Matthew Pores

    This is the real Accord that will debut in the US. It matches the spy shots

    • Craig

      That looks better than the renderings – that’s for sure.

    • getoffme

      It looks like a Chinese knock off of an Acura. Oh wait.

    • Toronado_II

      TLX’s size.

    • pjl35

      Um. No. That’s the Honda Spirior, which is sold in Asia.

  • surfshop

    the wheels are too small for such a big car

  • KidRed

    Ha, wheels are too small, to part apart. Honda would never have a simple shoulder line like that and it;’s missing a wonky and awkward belt line. It’s too clean to be a Honda.

  • D83

    Looks promising…

  • Dandybydo

    It should be understood that THIS IS NOT THE NEW HONDA ACCORD. It’s Carscoops’ speculative look at what they think Accord might look like, though you might be hard pressed to get that from the way the story is written.

    • JohnCarscoop

      Just saying, but even if you’re not familiar with our “Future Cars” segment that’s in the title, we mentioned it in the second paragraph “let’s take an illustrated first look at what Honda has in store for us” and in case anyone missed it, at the end too “Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes”.

      • Brandon Green

        You did a good job on this. I compared it to the latest spyshots from Honda. I also noticed how close your 18 Camry render was to the actual model. I know someone who has seen the pre-production Accord and they said this is pretty close.

  • Infinite1

    That grille is really ugly and it looks like a longer wheelbase Civic. Hopefully, Honda does not go this route…

  • Thando_Gqabaza

    I’m not buying a fastback – I’ll move to something else.

  • Loopdy Loop

    looks worse then previous model
    looks like you have the biggest hood in the world
    and the smallest trunk
    and it just looks like a bigger civic. and i dont like the new civic style choices

  • Satheesh

    I am an autoblog devotee and this site is new to me. I like the way stories are.. and will continue to follow. I own 20011 Accord V6. I see that Honda has made some changes in the design house. Looking forward for the new. Probably it is the best Accord so far.

  • Harry_Wild

    Hoping for a liftback Accord! We will see! Hope the illustration or Carscoop rendering is accurate, I really like the design of this Accord! It does look like a cross between three sedans: Tesla S, Audi A7 and Panamera Turbo!

  • JZ

    Here is an image, likely of the 2018 Accord, straight from my local Honda dealers’s web portal today at: http://www.edvoyleshonda.com/schedule-service/

    Notice the projector headlamps and foglamps, which could mean that the model depicted in the attached image may be a mid-range model. I am guessing that because Honda didn’t put fog lamps as standard on the 2016/2017 LX (the lowest spec model) but did add them to the other (better) specs. The image shown at the top of this page may be of a Touring model because it has the LED headlamps, which have only been included on the 2016 and 2017 Accord Touring models.

    We will all have to wait and see on July 14th!


    • Bakerjam

      That’s a civic.

  • 4thJohn

    Do not know why the negativity – they finally got rid of the faux Hofmeister kink that was ugly as sin in the proportions they used. The new shape is smooth and nothing wrong with channeling the A7 a little. I like the profile – probably will excel in only a couple colors with the simple lines though. My main concern is in the power department. I really prefer naturally aspirated to turbos, and the new Camry which has much improved package as well will still offer the V-6. The Camry uses Scout as opposed to Car-Play which is the only negative there. Do not need a new car, (have one of those swoopy 2013 Sonatas which is painless as can be) but those are the two new models II would be looking at when in the market again. We also have a 2014 Elantra GT with Tech and Sport Packages -Hyundai has homogenized both – don’t these companies realize people like a car that stands out and is not an AltimaAccordLegacyCamryRegal6 compoite?

  • B Cuz

    Headlight and grill make this horse face girl need rhinoplasty

  • Popop Popk

    Nope dont look like this.

  • Richard Ny

    Midsize? Not in the picture, looks about the size of a Maybach.

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