Honda Teases 2018 Accord With A Sketch Ahead Of July 14 Debut

The all-new 10th generation Honda Accord will make its world debut on July 14 in Detroit, with the event to be livestreamed online.

Honda calls it the most fun-to-drive and dramatically-styled Accord ever, which -given its past- isn’t a really tall order if you think about it.

Earlier this month, the company announced that the new Accord will be offered with three powerful and fuel-efficient powertrains, two of those being turbocharged with direct injection and paired with either Honda’s newly-developed 10-speed automatic transmission, a CVT or a six-speed manual. The new Accord will also come with the next-gen two-motor hybrid technology.

A single teaser sketch was released, revealing the front end of the new Accord, complete with LED headlights and Honda’s latest chrome grille. Judging by our own renderings, it seems that our man Josh Byrnes should really start working as a clairvoyant instead.

Honda will reveal additional information about the new powertrains and technology on the 2018 Accord at the reveal event.


  • Lets_be_objective

    Coming at ya with a 1.5T 4 cyl that will barely get out of it’s own way!

    • Dustin

      The Accord currently carries a 2.4L rated 185hp and 181ft-lbs. The 1.5T is rated 184hp and 180ft-lbs (in the CR-V). It is essentially a direct replacement for the engine the car has had for a decade, but with greater fuel economy; and the car overall will be lighter.

      • Craig

        And the 1.5 in the Accord could be more powerful than that. It has 205 hp in the Civic Si so it’s possible that – in the Accord – it might have 195.

      • Lets_be_objective

        That’s all fine and dandy as long as they keep the V6 for those of us who are enthusiasts.

    • Six_Tymes


    • baofe

      I believe the new accord will feature the turbo 1.5 as the standard motor and a detuned civic type r 2.0 turbo as the upgraded engine. At least I can hope right

    • D83

      But it will save you a lot of money, by its high MPG

  • Milica Jac

    Is this only American model, or will it get to Europe?

    • Christian

      Honda dropped the EU version two years ago. They won’t make a new one… 🙁

  • donald seymour

    Well, there is blood on the streets.

  • Craig

    If it will look like that sketch – it should be very nice indeed. The last Accord that I was excited about seeing ‘in person’ was the all-new 1986 model.

    • fabri99

      Me too. And I wasn’t there in 1986.

    • Six Thousand Times

      The last hatchback, those pop-up headlights, and the funky Aerodeck we never got.

    • Kevin Tay

      Imo, their fish-scale-like headlights design has to go.

  • BlackPegasus

    Can’t wait to see what Honda comes up with.

  • Jason Miller

    Oh hey, it gets a chrome unibrow too.

    • Bash

      Pretty much everything Honda will make too.

    • Krisnadi Imam

      its called monobrow, chrome monobrow…

  • Blade t

    I’m interested in the different power plants it will be offered with besides the 1.5t….

  • Gerald Michael

    Wow, a big, giant grill. How terribly…original.

    • Six Thousand Times

      The bigger the grill, the more burgers and brats you can cook.

  • serge charles

    Would a Type R accord be too much to ask? I’d even take a Euro R

    • Lets_be_objective

      Definitely way too much to ask. Honda lost it’s proper sporty mojo about 10yrs ago. Sorry

    • Infinite1

      I’ve been asking that question since Honda killed the Type R off in 2002 and the Euro R in 2008

  • Christian

    The one and only was the Eu-spec versions…All the others are made for fat Muricans.Remember the last Type-S with a “small” 2,4 N/a and high revs!

  • nastinupe

    So after years and years of bitching and complaining by the majority of the universe, Honda finally decides to listen and get rid of the Acura beak… only to add it to the nose of the Accord just a year later. What? Did they order way too many beaks for Acura models and have to find a car to slap it on?

  • Craiggger

    I’ll wait for the next Mazda6..

    • dtd

      I agree, Mazda should bring the turbo engine to the next 6.

      • Jamisonjon

        And the wagon. And awd. Mazdaspeed6wagon.

  • ErnieB

    Honda and Toyota are lost in design purgatory..

  • klowik

    It looks refreshing but not the styling that grabs you..

  • Six Thousand Times

    Sketch looks nice but I imagine the production car will look a lot busier and more plasticky.

  • Gnish

    Kind of resembles the Mustang & 2018 Camry now…..

  • Infinite1

    I don’t care for the Civic mono brow that Honda’s currently using; maybe if it was blacked out instead of chrome it would look better but it looks weird. I do admit that it doesn’t look too bad in this sketch

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