Jeremy Clarkson Wanted To Hate The Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Ends Up Liking It!

To say that Jeremy Clarkson is opinionated would be an understatement; after all, we’re talking about the man who has managed to cause diplomatic incidents – in a car show!

Although the public seems to disagree with him, as they flock to buy SUVs, Clarkson is not a fan of the genre and thinks they are a waste of money.

“I loathe all the current crop of so-called SUVs, except those I dislike intensely”, he wrote on his latest article on The Sunday Times. “I cannot see the point of driving around in a car that’s slower, more expensive and thirstier than a normal saloon or estate. It just seems idiotic.”

So when he was invited by Alfa Romeo to Tuscany to test drive the new Stelvio, he was already negatively predisposed, not least because it was an SUV made by Alfa, which he compared to Armani making carrier bags.

But then he got to like the design, both inside and out, and when he drove it had a change of heart in spite of it being a diesel – and yes, he hates diesels, too, but he did appreciate the mid-range surge provided by the engine. As he piled on the miles, he found more positive things to say, though he didn’t like the Giulia-derived direct steering which, unlike the suspension, wasn’t tweaked specifically for the Stelvio, resulting in it being too sharp.

At the end, though, he proclaimed the Stelvio “the only SUV that’s quite tempting”, adding that the QV version, with its petrol 500 hp V6, “might even be irresistible”.

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    They will sell a few of these.

    • LeStori

      If they only sell a few, then Alfa Romeo is doomed. They need to sell a large number.

      • Carmelo Van Cabboi

        Sorry but Stelvio is selling very good. Get informed

        • SteersUright

          Calm down.

    • gary4205

      Indeed. It will keep the brand afloat.

  • gary4205

    Saloons are for drinking in, estates where you have a nice big house and some land.

    The Alfa is a nice car.

  • U8INIT

    I read his part in his voice 😩

    • Tumbi Mtika


  • badcyclist

    For someone who supposedly hates SUVs, hasn’t he owned a series of Volvo XC90s?

    • You clearly have never had a wife.

  • I think the Stelvio is hideous. There’s no way I’d buy one over a Giulia. Even if the SUV is good, the passenger car version is always better.

  • Dariush

    Marchionne will take his fat closure money check and leave behind so many mistakes. Alfa did too few too late. Lancia is doomed. Only Ferrari and Maserati can stand on their own legs. Fiat has no relevance for large part of the european countries.
    They should hang that man.

  • Kash

    Didn’t he say the same thing about the Giulia, or something similar? He’s not exactly Alfa’s biggest critic so this isn’t really surprising or carry that much value.

  • I love this car’s rear and the interior is tops in my book.. don’t know about the speedo cluster “boobs” protruding over the steering wheel..

  • MG force.
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