Kia Shows New Stonic Small Crossover In Official Sketches

Kia has officially named its new sub-compact SUV, the Stonic, with the Koreans also releasing the first sketches of the car, ahead of a market launch in the second half of the year.

No doubt, the renderings of Kia’s Nissan Juke and Toyota C-HR rival portray an impressive looking crossover with a sweeping roofline, sculpted surfaces and muscular wheel arches.
As is usually the case with these type of teaser sketches, reality will be far less dramatic. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself in the pictures of the prototype model we spied recently below.

While no images of the interior were released today, Kia states that the Stonic will have a “European-designed cabin [that] echoes the appearance of the exterior, with straight lines, smooth surfaces and geometric design forms”.

We’re also told that it will feature smart packaging to maximize space for all occupants, and a ‘floating’ HMI (human-machine interface) that will “seamlessly” blend smartphone access with the car’s functions.
Another highlight according to Kia will be the ability to heavily customize the interior and exterior of the car.

A sister model to the upcoming Hyundai Kona, the Stonic is believed to be offered with 1.4-liter petrol and 1.6-liter diesel engines in Europe, and possibly with a 1.6-liter gasoline unit in North America. It’s not clear yet if Kia will offer an all-wheel drive option alongside the standard front-wheel drive models.

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  • WG

    Im liking these Aud-ish sharp lines in the latest Kia’s design, looks very elegant. Kia is stepping up their game in terms of exterior design whereas Hyundai seem to be stuck with their cascading grilles recently, which btw looks horrible on the facelifted Sonata. just my opinion.

    • Kash

      Kia’s key has been the rather simple or minimalistic design. Sure there’s angles and creases but it’s not too much and there’s only a few well placed sharp creases. A lot of brands could take a lesson from them.

      Hyundai however is going through an identity crisis with the division of Genesis give them time, just like McLaren with the P1, 650, 540/570 had all of them looking very similar, they just needed some time to work things out.

    • Matthijs

      And I strongly disagree. The Rio went from a cool small car to a bland one. The Optima was one great looking sedan but looks now like a toned down version of the previous one. And they fucked up the nose of the Sportage. Only the Picanto looks better now and hopefully they won’t ruin the next gen. C’eed and Sorento

      • bd

        Wouldn’t be surprised if they “dumbed down” the Optima due to the Stinger (which has a greenhouse closer to the last gen Optima than the current Optima).

        The current Sorento is an improvement, but a refresh is due so it remains to be seen if any cosmetic changes for the MCE is a step back (like for the last gen Optima which ruined the taillights), as is the Sedona (largely due to the prior model being so old and pre-dating Schreyer).

        The Forte hasn’t really been an improvement (actually a step back for the Koup) and pales in comparison to the Cee’d/pro_cee’d; there are rumblings that the 2 may be combined into one design for the next gen which supposedly is shown by the Novo concept (which might be too good for a FWD mainstream model).

        The Niro is inoffensive, but bland.

        The new Cadenza, however, is a marked improvement over its predecessor (and not just in the sheetmetal), but hasn’t really helped much in sales (at least in the US).

        The replacement for the K900 will need to get striking sheetmetal if it wants to start outselling the Acura RLX.

        There are some models (in their respective segments) where Kia has done better, but some where Hyundai has taken the lead (for instance, the Tucson is now better looking than the Sportage overall; altho the Sportage has the better rear).

    • Matthijs

      I agree with you on Hyundai though. Maybe not all cars were my thing but they sure had their own style with the Fluidic Sculpture design. The 2.0 is just plain boring

    • bd

      Audi has actually sharpened their lines (giving them a more aggressive look) following what Shreyer had done with Kia (altho a number of Kia’s recent offerings have been “dumbed down” like the Optima or taken a weird turn like the front of the Sportage).

      Audi also followed the hexagonal grille shape design theme that numerous auto-makers are doing, including Hyundai (as well as Subaru, Ford, etc.).

      Based on the spy shots, the Stonic seems to look OK, but it’s difficult to make a small crosssover look good without compromising the cargo space/roofline (which is the whole point of having a crossover).

  • Gowtham Oleti

    When it comes to production, It looks like another normal small crossover.Every car looks good in its sketching.

    • OdysseyTag

      Always comes down to the wheels, flared wheel-arches and raised shoulder lines. You might as well always rule them out when looking at a render as well as the side mirrors and door handles (or lack thereof).

  • Kevin Tay

    Looks like a Camaro-based crossover

  • Jake Ginther

    My interest is really growing in Kia, the designs are amazing, just look at the Stinger! And this new Stonic? Wowza. Okay Kia I see you!

  • KidRed

    I bet the artist sighed when he saw what they built based off his renderings.

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