First Edition Of Hot Hyundai i30 N Sold Out After Just Two Days

It took just two days for Hyundai to sell all 100 First Editions of the new i30 N, which were exclusively offered in Germany.

Last Monday, Hyundai Deutschland opened the order books for the limited First Edition of the company’s first true hot hatch and customers rushed in to secure an example by paying 1,000 euros as a deposit.

“The high interest in the First Edition confirms our confidence in the i30 N,” said Albert Biermann, VP of Performance Development and High Performance Vehicle Division. “Our first high-performance model under the N line up has been developed from the ground up to deliver pure driving pleasure in an accessible high-performance package for the road and for the track.”

The First Edition of the upcoming Hyundai i30 N is equipped with the Performance Package, meaning a turbocharged 275PS 2.0-liter engine, 19-inch alloys with stickier tires, bigger brakes, an active exhaust system and an electronic limited-slip differential among other things.

Each customer who has secured a First Edition will also be invited at the Nurburgring, where they will participate in a workshop with Albert Biermann and receive a track driving training. Each First Edition will also come with an individualized label and a fan package as well.

Those who failed to book one of the 100 First Edition cars can also enter their names in the waiting list at, and wait to see if an example becomes available. Hyundai also has an introductory price for the i30 N in Germany, set at 30,900 euros.


  • psd

    wow. i love it

  • john1168

    Wow! I think we’ll see something similar with the KIA Stinger when it comes out.

    • bd

      Not for the near future; Kia has no plans for a performance line yet (the GT trim is the “highest” they will go for now).

      • john1168

        I meant for when the Stinger first goes on sale. I read that too that there won’t be a higher performance version at least for a while. Too bad really…

        • bd


          There’s already a waiting list of over 100 for the Stinger in Australia and all but one are for the GT.

  • Blade t

    I guess Germans love Hyundai….

    • europeon

      I’m pretty sure the 5 year unlimited / 10 year powertrain warranty, weights down a lot in that decision.
      And it looks good

  • haudit

    Not really a surprise. The i30 is more a German car than it is anything else – designed and developed at their technical centre in Rüsselsheim, and fine tuned on the Nurburgring.

  • Infinite1

    Really nice looking hatch.