VW Golf R Even More Tempting With New Brakes, Titanium Exhaust

With nearly 300 horsepower on tap and a five-second 0-60 time, you wouldn’t think that the VW Golf R needs much help in the performance department. But Volkswagen evidently begs to differ.

The German automaker has just rolled out several performance upgrades for its top hot hatch, including a new exhaust, new brakes, and semi-slick tires for track days.

For the fresh set of pipes, Volkswagen has collaborated with one of the biggest names in the business: Akrapovič. The system they developed is crafted from titanium, cutting 15 pounds of excess weight and giving the hot hatch “completely new acoustics.”

Also available is a new brake kit that trims four and a half pounds of unsprung weight. The front built pin discs combine a steel friction ring with an aluminum pot to allow for radial expansion under heat, with special brake pads and increased precision.

We can’t tell you whether those upgrades will be enough to help the Golf R keep up with the more potent Ford Focus RS or Honda Civic Type R, but they certainly can’t hurt. And something tells us some of these upgrades could find their way into the next-generation model as well.

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  • nice thread 🙂

  • SteersUright

    Its so annoying the the USA versions dont get the massive high resolution infotainment screen inside, even as an option. Also, as much as I admire the Golf R, and I do, the exterior leaves much to be desired. Some boxed, flared fenders and a wider track would do wonders to set it apart from the more pedestrian base models. Otherwise, it just looks identical to a base model with nicer wheels and bigger brakes. A Golf with this kind of performance and priced at nearly $40k should be easier to tell apart and, frankly, should look much, much cooler.

    • John

      each to their own… some people like lowkey like this…some prefer Type R all out…. some prefer Focus RS in between

      • SteersUright

        Nonsense. For such “low-key” people, the ordinary GTi make so much more sense. Purchasers of vehicles like the RS, Civic Type R, Golf R, Megane RS, are looking for the most extreme version of these vehicles. Much like a Z06 (visually dramatic) is to a standard Stingray (more mundane) or a Black Series MB is to an ordinary AMG, the Golf R represents the pinnacle of Golf performance and as such, should look it too.

        • notthistimecobber

          That’s the appeal of vw. Most don’t need to make a statement to others with look at me styling.

          • SteersUright

            Look at me styling is the only kind out there? How about it not being for others but for you, the buyer? How about just waking up, looking outside and seeing a damn good looking car in your own driveway, given you paid nearly double the price of the regular version?

          • notthistimecobber

            Clearly many think the vw styling is just right going by their huge sales globally. Part of the attraction to VW, Audi, Skoda etc is safe, unoffensive, discreet styling. It’s not for everyone and that’s fine – if people want to make a statement with the styling of their vehicles then there are plenty brands to buy.

        • Vassilis

          Well, some people do like the extra performance for low-key looks. But I agree it should look a bit more special. Not shouty like the Civic but more like a Megane RS.

    • carlbolt

      Isn’t it the point that the Golf R is the hot hatch for matured people who don’t want to have that kind flashy, exaggerated look?

      • SteersUright

        No. Such practical people would buy the GTi which delivers the more value-oriented performance package. The “R” is for those looking for the most extreme version of a performance Golf.

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          Or the GTI… :p)

        • cargeniuass

          Pretty sure you have no idea what you’re talking about.
          People like what they like.

          • SteersUright

            Lol…why do people like you even comment if you’re just going to insult? Are you that insecure? I’m just “commenting”, posting my own opinion on a vehicle, not personally attacking you and your incredible sensibilities so take it easy.

      • Sure…you’re drinking the marketing Kool-Aid…

  • KidRed

    Can’t wait to hear that exhaust.

  • McF1

    VW claim for the European spec’ (228kW/400Nm) Mk 7.5 Golf R 7 spd DSG is 0 to 62 mph is 4.6 sec.


    To compete with new Type R

  • Obsequious Lickspittle
  • Of course not for the US…

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