Mercedes S-Class Sedan Boosted To 24 Versions – Including More V12s

When Mercedes lifted their veil off its updated S-Class a few months ago, it released it with only a few configurations. Now it’s expanded the lineup considerably – including no fewer than three distinct V12 models.

With the order books open since May and the first examples already reaching showrooms across Europe, the S-Class sedan lineup has now grown to no fewer than 24 versions – split various between gasoline and diesel engine options, short and long wheelbases, and rear- or all-wheel drive. Some are even branded differently as Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, or Mercedes-Maybach.

In addition to the S350d and S400d oil-burners, the S560 gasoline model, the S63 performance version, and the super-luxurious Maybach S560, Mercedes has now added the six-cylinder S450 and S500 into the mix.

But the most intriguing part is the arrival of several new twelve-cylinder models. There’s a new S600 and a new AMG S65 (both offered only in rear-drive with the extended wheelbase), and as we reported earlier, a more powerful Maybach S650 flagship (also rear-drive with an even longer wheelbase). It retails in Germany for over 200,000 euros, or well over twice what any of the six-cylinder models go for – the base S350d starting at under 85k.

On top of that, Daimler has expanded the cross-availability of different wheelbases, engines, and drivetrains. So where customers have been until now only able to order any model with all-wheel drive, rear-drive options have now been added into the mix on all but the S63, which only comes with 4Matic+ traction.

Add those to the new models in all their variations and you have 24 versions on offer, and that’s before you even take the S-Class coupe and convertible into account.

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  • lapirk

    V12 Engine specs will be nice to report on,
    although I can prolly only afford an i4 hybrid. Barely

  • Eduardo Palandi

    every time an auto maker expands its V12 offerings, I smile.

  • Kevin Tay

    Bring back the S73 AMG. lol

    • Bash

      I salute you my friend.! thumbs up!


    What an engine choice