Cars Flying All Over The Place In New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel, titled ‘2049’, looks like it’s going to have plenty of fighting scenes, dramatic moments, plus its fair share of flying car action.

Set in the year 2049, the action follows LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling) on his quest to unearth a “long-buried secret”, while fighting bad guys alongside Rick Deckart (Harrison Ford), who starred the original movie.

This new trailer is a lot more action-packed than the first one, which means you get to see more cars flying around, more hand-to-hand combat sequences, plus Jared Leto’s character looking even more creepy than he did as the Joker in Suicide Squad.

Blade Runner 2049 stars Gosling, Ford, Leto, plus a few other big names such as Robin Wright (House of Cards, Wonder Woman), Dave Bautista (Spectre, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire).

The movie will premiere in theaters worldwide on October 6th, with Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Arrival) directing and the legendary Ridley Scott producing.


  • Jay

    People can barely drive on the road. Im glad the future didn’t come true and has everyone in flying cars.. cool concept but it will be mass chaos.

    • Status

      Any flying car future will be automated. There is no way humans could do it unaided without automation.

      The only reason planes do it now it now is there are far fewer planes than there are cars, and the existence of air traffic controllers who coordinated and dictate their actions.

      • Jay

        You trust your automated flying car on your own I’ll pass.. even if that were the case I doubt they’d leave out the manual controls. Would you travel in a vehicle that you wouldn’t be able to control in case of an emergency?

        • MultiKdizzle

          Have you never traveled in an airplane? It fits your description exactly…

          Meanwhile, 1.24 million drivers, passengers, and pedestrians died on the world’s roads last year.

          • Jay

            Once everyone is in the air where do you think those deaths will be.

          • MultiKdizzle

            On the ground?

          • Jay

            Once they crash in the air and fall to their deaths yes you’re absolutely correct. There won’t be ATC for our personal cars and with all that traffic v2v just wouldn’t be safe due to so many variables, just think about bad weather for example. Also planes and helicopters will most likely still be up there too right along with the birds. It will be a mess.

          • MultiKdizzle

            I think you’re underestimating the growth of computing power. A low-flying, autonomous network of cars is within reach near the end of this century, especially as we move away from silicon into denser chip materials.

          • Jay

            Low flying? Think is city traffic, there are skyscrapers and it will be heavily populated with tons of other flying contraptions. I am not underestimating but thinking deeper than you are. I still love the concept but people are just not that smart. Technology is just not dependable and things will fail especially at first. Think about traffic lights signs, the laws in general i.e rules that need to be in place. Also how police will respond to crime. There are things you we still aren’t considering as well. Imagine parking, and the if there is an accident the falling debree that will hit other vehicles and pedestrians below it..

        • Status

          Do you trust anyone else to drive you somewhere who could be otherwise high, impaired, of poor faculties, physically delayed, despondent, disinterested, distracted, tired, fatigued, a subject of the Dunning–Kruger effect, and ignorant or local and national traffic laws? Would you be as trusting of others on the road who are flat out terrible at driving to trust that they would share the road with you?

          I think I would be trusting of a vehicle with V2V technology that I wasn’t able to control, safe in knowing that others in their autonomous cars couldn’t fuck up my drive with their inconsiderate, uncooperative, and inefficient behaviour.

          • Jay

            You haven’t answered my question.

          • Status

            Fine. To be blunt, yes, I would you travel in a vehicle that you wouldn’t be able to control in case of an emergency. This hangs on full integration of a V2V system where manual drivers are segregated from autonomous drivers.

          • Jay

            Emergency scenario. V2V functionality is not working properly and your now stranded.. what will you do with no manual controls?

          • Status

            If the V2V fail safes are working properly, it would have failed a POST or similar function, and wouldn’t have started in the first place, and paired with an the immediate contact for support as determined by the severity of sub-system failures. My answer remains unchanged.

          • Jay

            That’s just idodic to me. I’m not calling you an idiot per say but the idea that everything will work fine all the time and everytime is not a smart idea ever. The technology will get old and things will happen. Just my opinion and no matter how you put it I will always want manual controls in case of an emergency.

  • Blade t

    The movie trailers now show waay too much..I hope it’s good, the original Blade runner is a classic ….

    • Six_Tymes

      i agree. I just wish they didn’t cast jared leto, they could have cast better for that role.

  • john1168

    I can’t wait for this movie. As for flying cars happening in the future, I’ll believe that when I see it.

  • LeStori

    So instead of controlled tension and artistic talent, the movie is going to be a modern violence spectacle with little artistic merit. A shadow of the original Blade Runner.

    Who really cars about flying cars. If they existed in any numbers they would be a noisy menace. Unless we have the ability to negate gravity. A child’s fantasy that should stay a child’s fantasy.

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