Vilner Makes G55 AMG Interior Resemble G650 Maybach Landaulet’s

This latest G-Wagen project from Bulgarian tuner Vilner is based on the first-generation Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG, where the interior has been reworked to resemble the quality level and feel of the G 650 Maybach Landaulet.

Before we get to the cabin, we need to mention that the car’s exterior has seen some modifications as well, such as the matte black wrap or the chrome elements which now stand out more than ever.

Inside, the flat-bottom steering wheel features black piano lacquer for the top part, and fine leather for the rest, which means it blends right in with the cabin’s dual-tone aesthetic.

Speaking of which, there’s a chess pattern with “G” letter perforation throughout the car’s soft Cocoa Brown-Orange leather interior, on both front and rear seats, as well as on all the door panels. Then there’s the Alcantara roof lining, contrast stitching, and the Morello Red seat belts that stand out.

In order to achieve Maybach-like quality, Vilner inserted padding between the leather and the base, while also adding extra sound deadening at key areas of the G 55’s body.

Overall, while this G 55 may not be as spectacular to look at as the Maybach Landaulet model, the quality of the interior cannot be overlooked.


  • Blade t

    Pics don’t show much….

    • Grumpy

      Exactly. It’s also one thing to look like it, it must feel like it too.

  • Bash

    I dont think there is enough (G) on the seats and doors trim. just saying. lol

  • HO