Mitsubishi Teases Production Version Of XM MPV Concept

Mitsubishi will reveal a new small MPV, to be reportedly named Expander, at the upcoming Indonesia Auto Show.

The new model will be basically the production version of last year’s XM Concept and will blend the practicality and versatility of an MPV with the style of an SUV according to Mitsubishi.

The new model is styled after Mitsubishi’s latest design language, featuring the characteristic front grille, L-shaped taillights and sharp creases on its sides.

The new Mitsubishi Expander will be produced at the company’s new factory in Indonesia. Power will come from a 1.5-liter petrol engine mated to a CVT gearbox that features six virtual ratios in manual mode, according to the local Autonetmagz.

The interior will reportedly host three rows of seats for up to seven passengers and despite the compact dimensions.

We still don’t know if there are any plans for Mitsubishi to offer the new Expander outside select Asian markets but we’ll find out once it debuts on August 10.


  • Kannag Don Amenra

    I wish Mitsubishi would rise high again. Mitsubishi design was always more appealing in comparison to the other Japanese brands, at least to me.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      I totally agree with your last sentence.
      Alas I think they are gone now other than as a Nissan subsidiary.

  • salamOOn

    isnt that some decent ground clearance hiding in the dark…?

    • Erick Sn

      The report said ground clearance is more than 200mm

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Really? Expander…THAT’S what you’re going with?

  • klowik

    4WD+SUV+MPV, That’s a good idea! Hope it has more power.

    • Erick Sn

      Too bad, its only available 1.5L in my country

  • I presume (judging by the green house) this is based on the Espace, no?

  • Gowtham Oleti

    Side crease is similar to Honda Jazz.

  • Dennis Scipio

    I believe this is a start of a better Mitsubishi under Carlos Ghosen, at least the Taillights aren’t controversially like the Eclipse Cross.

    • Erick Sn

      They developed this car before Mitsubishi joint venture wth Renault-Nissan alliance.

      • Dennis Scipio


  • fabri99

    Eh. Honestly I wouldn’t bet on an MPV to “rise again”.