Need For Speed Payback To Feature Extensive Customization Options

The upcoming Need For Speed Payback is bringing back the Customization feature, only now it’s bigger and better than ever.

With the franchise now refocused on classic cars as well, players will be able to customize their rides, with the game giving them plenty of options for the bodywork, the suspension, wheels and of course powertrain.

Need for Speed Payback also introduces the Derelicts which is basically scrap cars that can be found in the open world and get restored in all the possible ways, including the so-called Super-Builds, which can turn each vehicle into a dedicated race car, drift car, drag car and even jacked-up off-road oriented car.

Other than that, the new Need for Speed will offer plenty of action in the form of heist missions, police pursuits and of course plenty of racing in Fortune Valley.

Need for Speed Payback will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 10th.


  • Bash

    This is going to be great.

    • Jay

      Yep looks pretty good this one here! I hope the car list is extensive.

  • Shtekeris

    Story seems stupid af, but graphics are so beautiful and customization seems great.

    • Max Kaeser

      OMFG how do you know if the story is stupid when all we got is: the good guys are looking for payback from the bad guys, seriously people like you who look forward to just the visual aspects of a game and not the storyline are disgusting

      • Shtekeris


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