Porsche Design Uses 911 GT3 Exhaust For Bluetooth Speaker

At the start of 2016, Porsche Design released a $3,000 soundbar using the backbox and tailpipes of a 911 GT3. Now, the company has released a much more affordable alternative in the form of a Bluetooth speaker which also uses parts from the GT3.

Built from high-quality aluminum, the speaker uses black tailpipes straight from a 911 GT3 and surrounded by a bespoke aluminum housing.

Not only does the speaker look unlike any other on the market, it is easily identifiable as GT3-inspired, at least to those that know their 911s.

Porsche Design says that the Bluetooth speaker outputs 60-watts and delivers a sound signature you’d expect from a larger and more expensive system. What’s more, the speaker also offers 24 hours of playback and isn’t some cheap, plastic speaker that weighs just a few hundred grams and feels like it’ll break at any moment. Instead, it weighs in at a hefty 3.3 kg (7.2 lbs).

Priced at 499 euros ($569), it’s quite a lot more expensive than some alternatives. However, to Porsche enthusiasts, it’d be worth every cent.