Spied: New 2019 Acura RDX To Ditch V6 For 2.0L Turbo-Four

Acura is working on the next-generation RDX SUV, with our spies spotting a heavily camouflaged prototype sitting at a gas station.

As you can see, there isn’t much to observe on the design of the 2018 RDX thanks to the Acura’s efforts to dress the prototype with as many covers they could find.

The new Acura RDX will ride on a version of the latest CR-V chassis that debuted in late 2016 and will adopt the brand’s newest styling features, including the new front grille.

The interior will benefit from the increased dimensions and offer more room than before, as well as the latest tech features, including a modern infotainment system and another digital display for the driver’s instruments.

A wide range of driver assistance systems will also be present, with the prototype in the pictures having its front sensors poking out of the camouflage wraps. As for the engine range, the existing 3.5-liter V6 is expected to be replaced by Honda’s turbocharged 2.0-liter petrol unit, with the company also planning a hybrid version.

Acura is planning to put the next RDX into production in mid-2018, so expect to see more scoops before the official reveal.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • jaykit

    This will sell. Luxury-upgraded CR-V chassis w/ Type-R power. Hopefully the styling is an asset as well. Fingers crossed.

    • SteersUright

      Sadly, if the Acura legacy is any guide, it will sell but wont be a blockbuster and the brand will continue to lag. I think all Acura’s are simply too close to their Honda brethren and almost everyone knows you’re just buying an upmarket Civic, HRV, Accord, etc. For example, have you driven an ILX? That car has no business being sold as an Acura. It drives like a Civic and is no A3 competitor in anyway. Have you driven a TLX? It feel like an Accord with more sound deadening a few more tech toys. Even Acura interiors look entirely “Honda”, as in exceptionally well made, and, well, cheap and plasticky. Acura needs to follow Audi’s lead, design their chassis for Acura first and then share with Honda. This way Acura designers can craft bespoke, premium interiors to rival Audi, etc., and improve their currently terrible NVH such as excessive tire roar, etc. Little cheap details keep Acura’s from ever feeling anything premium like an MB, BMW, Audi, Lexus. They remain, the cheap alternative luxury brand with good leases that actually cannibalize their own Honda sales, with the leases being damn near the same price on many models.

  • Jonathan Garcia

    based on the side mirrors and rear lights this looks like CR-V mule.

  • Craig

    So it’s going back to its roots! The original [as in the first] 2007 RDX came with a turbo 4. A 2.3 litre making 240 hp and 260 lb/ft of torque. It had a 5-speed auto. It proved NOT to be all that popular because most people expected better mpg from a 4 cylinder. The 2019 will most likely be considerably more powerful and use a 10 speed auto. It might even be lighter. So who knows. Still… that first one was the best looking one. So far. I think.


  • Rocket

    I really, REALLY wanted the V6 to return. If the hybrid is as trick as the MDX Sport Hybrid’s, I’m in for at least a test drive. But if it’s a more conventional hybrid system, I’m simply not interested.

  • Tex

    What are they hiding? It will look like a bigger CDX.

  • Harry_Wild

    For a premium brand; not having a V6 is a liability. Volvo and now Acura will be hurting do to lack of performance engines and power buyers will look elsewhere. The new front grill looks terrible too! Acura does not have the loyalty of Lexus buyers that keep buying Lexuses even if they hate the new front grill.

    • Brody

      Are you talking about Acura or Mercedes not having a V6?

  • Arcus Tenshi

    Just change the interior please, it’s so ugly.

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