This Bespoke Fiat 126p Is Getting Shipped To Tom Hanks

After tweeting pictures of himself next to multiple Polski Fiats, Tom Hanks is finally getting one for free, and it’s heavily customized.

The project was jump-started by 42-year old Monika Jaskolska, who even managed to raise money on Facebook in order to move proceedings along.

Once Carlex Design got involved and put their talents to use, things became even more interesting. Since Tom Hanks collects typewriters, Carlex went and installed buttons and switches that resemble those found on an old typewriter.

Overall, the interior features a vintage style and fine materials, as the Carlex Design team wanted to capture the original look of the Fiat 126p as best they could, while adding things like silver-plated buttons.

As for badges and inscriptions, you’ve got the Carlex logo imprinted on a leather patch on top of the dashboard, plus a small plate that reads “Bielsko-Biala for Tom Hanks” and “One of One”.

Back in January, we learned that Polish national airline LOT offered to transport the car to the U.S. for free, where the Hollywood star will ultimately get to enjoy arguably the world’s most uniquely restored Fiat 126.