Wave Goodbye To The VW Touareg, America

Like most automakers, Volkswagen is rolling out a growing array of crossover SUVs. But the one that started it all for the mass-market German automaker is being phased out.

Motor Trend reports that the Touareg is being excluded from VW’s US model lineup for 2018. First introduced in 2004, the Touareg is now well into its second generation that arrived in 2010. A replacement is just around the corner, but it appears that’ll only be offered overseas.

The Touareg’s departure doesn’t mean that Volkswagen is giving up on sport-utes, though. Far from it. It’s just that American consumers, it would seem, are no longer interested in buying large or even mid-size SUVs with room for only five inside. So in terms of size, at least, the Touareg is being “sandwiched out” of the North American market – by the newly engorged Tiguan at one end, and by the larger Atlas at the other.

In terms of price, though, it’s a very different story. The 2018 Tiguan starts at $25,345, the Atlas at $30,500, and the outgoing Touareg at $49,495. Its departure from the lineup leaves the Golf R as VW’s most expensive model in the US, starting at $39,375 – though the aging CC (from $34,475) can easily be spec’d out for even more.

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  • John

    2 rows that seats 5 for that price isn’t competitive against other SUV like CX9 for example.

    • TheHake

      What do you do with 7 seats if you only have 2 kids?

      • John

        3 extra wives :^) but seriously… you have to ask? family and visiting friends. you don’t have any ?

      • Nordschleife

        I guess keep the rear most folded indefinitely.

        • salamOOn

          i prefer full size spare instead of 2 seats i dont need…

    • seriously

      Its not intended to be competitive its a luxury SUV which is why with new VW it no longer makes sense in the lineup, thats like comparing a Lexus RX to a Honda Pilot and saying its not competitive for the price of course its not……or why buy an X1 when you can buy a highlander silly comparisons

      • John

        i’m not comparing luxury brand with non luxury brand.. this is VW vs VW.
        just like Lexus GX has 3 rows and RX has 2 rows and it makes perfect sense. trying to “out-luxury” it’s own line up within the brand is ever a good direction especially when it miss what most common folks deems essential and logical when you step up the price ladder.

        it’s like Lexus making LX with onyl 2 rows of seats and call it “ultra-luxury” SUV… no one would buy it over GX. because there’s no such thing as “out-luxury” your own car brand. that’s why Toyota has Lexus, Nissan has Infiniti, etc.

        my family member owns a Touareg TDI R-line and it never made much sense to me that the car only has 2 rows of seating.

  • Shelby GT500

    The most popular Touareg version is 3.0 TDI. In the US diesel Touaregs are not sold now. Who needs this SUV with a thirsty 3,6 l petrol V6?

    • Able

      Agreed. In the US where literally every car they sell is stripped out, Volkswagen’s USP was diesel. Yes they cheated with it and that’s not cool, but proving they can make those engines comply with regulations is part of the rebuilding process. Their US lineup would be significantly more interesting with some diesels – the Atlas would be a much, much better car as a diesel.

    • Rocket

      Especially one that starts north of $50k, or more than a base Q7. Idiotic!

  • MarketAndChurch

    Maybe I can get one with a really good discount.

    • Enter Ranting

      You don’t want t VW. Trust me. Unless you have a second reliable car to drive while the VW is broken down.

  • Bo Hanan

    You mean it wasn’t cancelled 3 years ago?

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    “The 2018 Tiguan starts at $25,345, the Atlas at $30,500, and the outgoing Touareg at $49,495.”

    That’s because the outgoing model is much nicer. VW has been giving us the cheap stuff for about 6-7 years now. This is just another nail in the coffin of the quality product they once offered. There is a reason a much larger SUV is slated at $19,000 less, and it has nothing to do with where it’s built or how it gets here. Sad really….

    • Hot new yorker

      You’re right. I was hoping to by next gen Touareg because it’s more upscale than that pathetic soccer mama’s Atlas they try to stick into our asses forcing us to believe that this is what we want or need. Not everyone has bunch of kids, dogs, cats, mother’s in law Etc. I’m very disappointed so I guess VW lost a client. By the way I’m driving now VW CC.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        You will love the CC, and even though it’s a great car, the 2014 I just returned off lease was not near the quality of materials of either of my 2009 Wolfsburg and GTI. They have been losing me for a few years now and this might be the last straw.
        They really have not much else I’m interested in once the Touareg is gone. The Golf R is about all that’s left in the US line up, but at that asking price…I just can’t pay that…especially for the lower quality materials of late and the red-headed step-child models they send us in the US.

    • TotallyDisqusted

      I disagree. The Touareg struggled because it was so much more expensive than its competition. Yes it was a nice truck, but it was too much money for a VW.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        I agree with the pricing, but it’s a lot nicer than the Atlas, IMO. When you drove a Touareg, it felt like $49,000/$55,000. I haven’t driven one yet but the Atlas LOOKS like $30,000. The Touareg should have been priced more aggressively. But VW wanted to be #1 AND have some exclusivity and cache. But you can’t have both and I think they are seeing that as well and have adjusted products to steer toward #1 not a high quality product.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Dumbing ’em down for US, Passat-style.

    • Spinnetti

      right on the heels of our Toureg getting retired too (bought new in 04)… On to a Highlander now…

      • seriously

        lol thats so silly, how do you go from a Toureg to a highlander and see them as competitors

        • Spinnetti

          Well, both are SUVs that can haul my race car, I probably would have gotten an Atlas, but still like the Touareg. Either way I get a company car now and VeeDub wasn’t one of the options so…

  • Rocket

    I have a 2014 R Line TDI. The tech is outdated, but it’s built like a tank. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many willing to pay $50k+ for a Cayenne with a mainstream badge. Most people spending that kind of money expect a little more prestige, a better warranty and a few dealer perks. (I can’t even get a complimentary loaner.) With the Grand Cherokee starting $20k cheaper, and the Cayenne just $10k more, the under-powered Touareg is a tough sell.

    • seriously

      you completely skipped the Q7 starting in the 40s lol

  • An Existing Person

    I actually liked the Touareg. What a shame it’s going, and even more of a shame that the lousy Atlas is taking its place.

  • TrevP


  • Enter Ranting

    Good riddance.

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