Would A Hyundai i30 N Tourer Worry The Seat Leon Cupra ST?

Have you been looking at the new Hyundai i30 N, but need more luggage space? An estate version of the car would solve that problem, if the Korean automaker decides to make it, and it could look very similar to this rendering created by XTomi.

In its new estate body style, it keeps the upgrades that make the N instantly recognizable, while having its roof extended behind the C pillars. It theory, it would make for a nice rival to Seat’s Leon Cupra ST, the estate variant of the Cupra hatch.

Due to the obvious weight penalty that comes with this transformation, the i30 N Tourer would be better off with the Performance Package, which makes the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine deliver 275 PS (271 hp), compared to the base version’s 250 PS (246 hp).

The real question, however, is not if Hyundai plans to offer an estate version of the i30 N, but whether they’re planning into launching the hot hatch in North America, most likely under the Elantra GT name.


  • Liam Paul

    damn hyundai bring this to the united states, Buick is bringing their regal Tourer to the usa . I would def put this on my radar

    • Able

      They’re bringing the Regal as the faux SUV variant, but not the regular wagon.

  • Christian Wimmer

    Great photoshop. Looks superb!

  • Bananarama

    That is sexy.

  • Jason Miller

    Hyundai needs to hire this guy to design their cars.

    • bd


      It’s just the i30-N hatch with an estate body (and the greenhouse for the wagon isn’t particularly good).

  • Bash


  • Giorgos Papaspyros

    Would A Hyundai i30 rival… ?
    Has any Hyundai ever run a record lap in the Nurburging?…

    • Jason Miller

      Who cares?

      • Giorgos Papaspyros

        …and this is why this i30 thing would never make it against the competition.

        Because the ‘rivals’ are competent enough.


    looks great

  • bd

    Hyundai currently has no plans to bring over the i30-N hatch, as the first N model for the states will be the Veloster-N (the new Veloster will share underpinnings with the i30).

    However, we may get the i30-N fastback.