2017 Nissan Rogue Sport Comes Out As “Good Enough” In KBB Review

Since bringing the Qashqai to the U.S. and calling it the Rogue Sport, Nissan have sent their sub-compact crossover to do battle against the likes of the Honda HR-V, Chevy Trax and Mazda CX-3.

While it’s not a crowded segment (yet), the Rogue Sport still needs to be on its best behavior in order to compete with the best of them – and there are some pretty good small SUVs out there at the moment.

Over the course of this video review, Kelley Blue Book editor Micah Muzio talks about how different/similar the Rogue Sport is when compared to the larger Rogue, while giving us a rundown of its practicality, on-board features, driving dynamics and pricing.

Much like a previous Rogue Sport review from a few months ago, this one also states that you shouldn’t expect any sporty characteristics from this car when you’re sat behind the wheel. Muzio did however like the quiet cabin and comfortable suspension, calling the car “generally delightful” to drive.

Currently, U.S. buyers can purchase the 2017 Rogue Sport in one of three different trim levels (S, SV, SL), with the entry-level S version costing upwards of $21,420 MSRP.


  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Sport Hah!

  • gareth1989

    Why does the US get the pre-facelifted model? Considering the facelifted model is only just being rolled out, you’d think the US be getting that model?!?!

    • CarCzarDesigner

      Because Nissan wants the more costly Rouge to shine a little brighter in showroom, as it is the more profitable model between the two. My own personal view is the Sport’s current look is best compared to the new facelift.

  • Mitsubishi Xpander

    Sport is just another word for small, like the Outlander Sport in the USA and ASX everywhere else, Just like Nissan calling it Qashqai internationally and Rouge Sport in the USA.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle


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      • Mitsubishi Xpander

        I meant in automotive speak when Nissan Called the Qashqai the Rogue Sport in the US, they called it that because it was a smaller version of the Rogue, doesn’t necessarily means it drives “Sporty” the person in the review even says that.

        • Obsequious Lickspittle

          I know…it’s just the bastardization of the language that I hate.

  • Benjamin B.

    I love Micah. He’s very entertaining and well versed on technicals, but this video was pretty boring to watch. It’s mostly the car. Not much to work with. I was excited to see a Ford Raptor 6.2L pass Micah. I don’t see the point of the Qashqai/Roque Sport. It’s smaller than the Rogue Classic yet offers similar performance, meaning it has much less space and worse fuel mileage. The Euro Qashqai and X-Trail/Rogue Classic are at least available with Renault Diesel engines and manual transmissions. The USDM Rogue and Rogue Sport are terrible. Now the Juke is much more interesting. 1.6L turbocharged engine connected to the front or all four wheels with either a 6 speed manual or CVT. Anyway it’s hard to make the Rogue Sport interesting without lighting it on fire.

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