2018 Nissan Armada Gets New Tech, Priced From $45,600

U.S. pricing for the 2018 Nissan Armada will start from $45,600 MSRP for the SV 2WD model, and climb as high as $61,590 for the Platinum 4WD flagship version.

For the 2018 model year, Nissan has added NissanConnect Services as standard to the Armada, a feature that comes with an 8″ multi-touch control display, HD radio, SiriusXM Travel Link (three years trial), Enhanced Voice Recognition, Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant and additional USB ports for all three grade levels.

All 2018 Armadas come with a 390 HP 5.6-liter V8 engine, mated to a 7-speed automatic, plus enough room to seat eight passengers.

Armada Platinum versions will now feature the Intelligent Rear View Mirror (I-RVM) system, which is available for the first time on any Nissan model. The system uses a high-resolution camera mounted at the rear in order to project a clear image onto an LCD screen built directly into the rearview mirror.

The driver can then switch between the traditional mirror and the Intelligent Rear View Mirror by flipping a switch.

“Not since a magic mirror of children’s fables has a mirror seemed to have such special powers as the new I-RVM,” said Nissan North America VP, Michael Bunce. “It provides a clear, expanded field of view under a wide range of conditions – giving the driver the best possible view of the rear flanks no matter how tall the passengers in the back seat or how many balloons you have to take to that party.”

What the tech does is basically it bypasses whatever it is you have in the car, giving you a direct line of sight behind your Armada.

Aside from the I-RVM system, flagship Platinum models also come with a power-sliding moonroof, front climate controlled seats, a Family Entertainment System and Nissan Safety Shield technologies. In the meantime, SL grade models feature Remote Start as standard, as well as power 60/40 3rd row seat, a power liftgate, 20″ wheels and Nissan’s Intelligent Around View Monitor.


  • nastinupe

    The nerve of Nissan, releasing the “all new” Armada was a “new” vehicle when it’s nothing but the current Infiniti that’s been around for forever. Nissan is really cheap. They must not be doing well.

    • Eunos

      They only become the biggest automaker in the world this year, so yeah they are not doing well at all…

      • nastinupe

        I believe that you mistake size for profitability. GM was at one time the biggest car manufacturer in the world and they were bleeding money for a long time until they finally went bankrupt. So no, Nissan gets no Kudos for being the biggest. Sorry.

      • seriously

        Why even respond to that idiot hes a pompous nobody badge whore that comes here to vent his disgust with his life. NISSAN nor this article NEVER said this car was all new for a car that looks the same as the last version but is all new look no further than Porsche’s Cayenne. This article IF YOU COULD READ said it has NEW TECH….now go please go sit down and let the adults talk cars.

        • Bo Hanan

          This is crap and Nissan knows it. New tech or not.

    • TrevP

      I agree the QX56/QX80 has been around since 2011 and they FINALLY updated the Armada to its 2nd gen when the Infiniti is about to go into its 3rd gen…makes no sense

      • U8INIT

        Manufacturers do it all the time….just like the current RWD Dodge line up….they are old MB platforms that are 100 years old….point is these platforms are very capable and it makes sense to get all the money they can out of them…the money received will hopefully go into the R&D for a new modern platforms that will storm…

      • Mark

        2010 actually, but it has another 3 years left.

        • TrevP

          Correct, but as a 2011 model….right?

    • U8INIT

      So it’s ok for Benz to keep platforms for 100 years…i.e GLS ect; however Nissan does it and all of a sudden they’re cheap?! oh ok…

      • nastinupe

        I don’t think that you understand the difference between a “platform” and an actual vehicle. The Nissan Armada is the same vehicle with slightly different body panels. Both the exterior and interior is almost identical to the Infinti QX56/80 whereas a platform can be used for both cars and crossovers that really have nothing else related to each other.

        For instance the MLBevo platform used by the VW group is used with the following cars:

        Audi Q7 (Typ 4M) (from 2015)

        Audi A4 B9 (Typ 8W) (from late 2015)

        Audi A5 B9 (Typ F5) (from 2016)

        Bentley Bentayga (from 2016)

        Volkswagen Phideon (from 2016)

        Audi Q5 (Typ FY) (from 2017)

        Audi A8 D5 (from 2017)

        Volkswagen Touareg (upcoming 3rd generation, 2017)[12]

        Lamborghini Urus (from 2018)

        Porsche Cayenne (from 2018)

        Audi Q8 (from 2018)

        So yeah, there’s a difference between using the same platform and taking the same vehicle and changing some body panels, which is what Nissan did with the Armada.

  • Christian Wimmer

    H I D E O U S

  • Sharpel007

    The point was more that we finally got the Patrol for cheap, instead of bad Titan based SUV, or over styled Infiniti…

  • sidewaysspin

    What’s the point of 2wd on such a monster, a glorified hatchback?

  • BlackPegasus

    I like the VIDEO rear view mirror. That tech is mostly needed in big trucks and SUVs. If you have passengers, your traditional rear view mirrors are rendered useless. I’m looking for similar tech to retrofit one of my vehicles. Unfortunately the models I’ve seen on Amazon and Ebay are flimsy.

    • brn

      BOF SUVs tend to have better rearward visibility than many modern cars.

  • Still puzzles me Nissan brings the QX80 to South Africa but not this.

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