Bespoke MSO McLaren 720S Graces Pebble Beach Lawn

This one-of-a-kind fuchsia McLaren 720S by McLaren Special Operations was designed specifically for philanthropist and car enthusiast, Michael Fux.

McLaren CEO, Mike Flewitt, presented the car to Fux in Monterey, ahead of its official christening on the ‘Concept Lawn’ at the Concours on Sunday.

The exterior paint color is called ‘Fux Fuchsia’, and was created for Mr Fux by Rolls-Royce before it got redeveloped by MSO. This way, the customer can retain exclusive rights to its use for any other McLaren vehicle.

“Challenging the art of the possible to meet the most demanding customer requirements and then delivering beyond expectations are integral to the service that McLaren Special Operations offers,” said McLaren sales and marketing exec, Jolyon Nash. “MSO provides McLaren owners with virtually limitless possibilities to tailor a car exactly to their needs and tastes; unique paint colours and finishes, custom leather and stitching and exotic materials are all available within a bespoke commission, while beyond this there are opportunities all the way up to complete vehicles designed to individual specification.”

This car’s distinctive hue can also be found on the lightweight wheels, in contrast with the platinum finish of the alloy. Inside the car, the door appliques, a pinstripe on the steering wheel and the rear-view mirror are also painted Fux Fuchsia, while the rest of the cabin features either carbon fiber or MSO bespoke white leather with white stitching.

Other features include the Stealth Gray exhaust and window surrounds, and multiple carbon fiber components from the MSO Defined range.

Since this was a bespoke MSO commission, McLaren didn’t disclose any financial details. However, a McLaren 720S in Luxury spec will cost you over £218,020 ($280,000).


  • Mike

    I would never think that this color would work on any car, let alone a Mclaren, but combined with the beautiful lines of the car, and especially the clear non-tinted windows leading your eyes to the all white interior.. it more than works

  • Just another Supra fan

    This pink+white combo is a combination only a mother could love.

  • fabri99

    It gives me 1980s nostalgia. And I wasn’t there in the 80s.

    • eb110americana

      Yes, definitely has a Miami Vice feel to it. It’s not for me, but I still like it. I think they should have gone with silver stitching on the leather though, and maybe some more subtle uses of the fuchsia color than overtly painted bits. Maybe stitching, or woven thread into the carbon fiber weave.

  • Blade t

    Not a fan of the color….