Skoda Details New Karoq’s Digital Instrument Panel [w/Video]

Once the Skoda Karoq makes its official trade fair debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, it will showcase the Czech automaker’s departure from its analogue tradition.

The Karoq is the first Skoda model ever to utilize a digital instrument panel inside the cockpit, featuring four different layouts that can be programmed individually.

These layouts are dubbed “Classic”, “Digital”, “Info Profile” and “Reduced”, and provide a digital framework for notifications, allowing the driver to scroll through the interactive display, accessing phone, system and assistance functions, among others.

The “Classic” layout shows both the techometer and the speedometer as round instruments to the left and right of the display. This means that the middle area can be configured to feature either the infotainment or sat-nav map, which also comes with a zoom function.

The “Digital” layout on the other hand features a main display covering the entire width of the panel, while also leaving some room for small displays showing current speed, gear recommendation, traffic sign recognition and so on. Going with the “Info Profile” option means having a large display in the center of the screen, while additional information can be placed to the left, right and above.

As for the “Reduced” layout, it shows two large main displays, with additional basic information available at the top and bottom of the screen.

The new Skoda Karoq can already be ordered, with buyers able to choose between two equipment versions and a total of five engines.



  • Craig

    I like the gauges. Simple and clean.


      virtual cockpit in family crossover is useless

      • Why?

      • TheHake

        Why??? I have AID in my Passat (a family car) and if I can choose I will NEVER buy a car without it again.

  • Sébastien

    4 presets = fully customizable?
    No, that’s marketing BS again

    • TheHake

      At least more customizable than analogue gauges…

  • Shame it won’t be available until 3 months after the launch of the Karoq, along with the gesture control and adaptive dampers. Which seems strange.