Confederate Motorcycles To Be Renamed, Will Focus On Electric Bikes

Confederate Motorcycles recently unveiled its FA-13 Combat Bomber at Pebble Beach but it appears that will soon become the company’s last bike.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Confederate President Matt Chambers said the company will soon be known as Curtiss Motorcycles. The name is a reference to Glenn Curtiss who was a motorcycle racer and builder but is perhaps best-known for his contributions to the aviation industry.

The decision to drop the Confederate name didn’t come lightly but Chambers said part of the motivation came from the name’s association with the Civil War. Civil unrest following the events in Charlottesville, Virginia also appeared to have played a role.

As Chambers explained, “I think we lost a lot a business with that name.” He added, “We’ve missed out on branding opportunities” so “it’s time to retire it.”

The renaming comes at an opportune time as Curtiss will now focus on electric bikes thanks to a partnership with Zero Motorcycles. The company’s first model will be called the Hercules and it will feature two electric motors that develop 175 hp (130 kW) and 290 lb-ft (392 Nm) of torque.

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  • europeon

    Another company cucked by the SJWs

    • Burnermovement

      Same boring cliches from the alt-wrong.

      It’s a business decision. I doubt cousinf**kIng hillbillies are a captive audience of electric motorcycles. They prefer things that belch black smoke.

      • Rob Banks

        They’re only ‘cliches’ to you because the left offers nothing but the same repetitious self righteous message i.e. pointless public service announcemences that lead to a never ending race to virtue signalling. Perhaps some are tired of the masturbatory desire to promote how principled they are? Moral exculpation, much?

        • Burnermovement

          Hahaha. Everything is an ideological struggle these days. I could give rats ass about right, left, virtue signalling or whatever is your go-to crap of the week.

          Least you could do with your big words is spell them correctly. Then maybe I would care for your opinion.

          • Rob Banks

            How convenient. That way, you can just go through life as contrarian and antagonistic as you can be and not commit to anything. There’s a big word for that, but i wouldn’t want to deny you all those wonderful, and unsolicited, opinions of yours.

          • Burnermovement


          • Jack D Ripper

            Tho beneath it all you seem a real asshole

        • Vassilis

          You are familiar with American history and what the Confederate states represented, right? It’s about time these things happened. It has been long overdue.

      • brn

        A derogatory term like “cousin f**king hillbillies” is OK? If a similarly derogatory term were used against another group, there’d be hell to pay. So much so that I can’t even use such a term as a counter example of how poor your term is.

        • Burnermovement

          Boo f**king boo.

    • SmartAss??‍♂️

      I heard Klan Motor Works was taken already.

    • Karl
      • europeon

        Big difference between controlling the media and pointing its partisan agenda. History repeats itself because we never learn from the mistakes we’ve made in the past and we come up with out “alternative” narrative, like the pic you just posted.
        Too bad you didn’t live under communism, like us, the one behind the Iron Curtain did, because you’d see things in a different light.

      • Craig

        Karl. Shame on you.

  • Craig

    I understand WHY they changed the name. But that’s how the enemy wins. Sadly.

    • Vassilis

      Who is the enemy?

      • Craig

        Those who are determined to change and to CONTROL how we communicate with each other.

        • DR.FUNK

          Name some names…be specific.

          • Craig

            “Be specific” he says. Are you new to this planet? Antifa, ‘Black Lives Matter’ people. So called ‘social justice warriors’. Most so-called ‘liberals’. I dare you to walk up to ANY OF THEM and say anything that you know that they would not agree with. But put on a face shield because you’ll be spit on. [For starters]

          • DR.FUNK

            Is this your personal experience?
            Are you fearful of being able to express your opinions?

          • Craig

            I have NEVER been anywhere near a hurricane or a tornado. And yet – for some strange reason – I am able to imagine the negative impact they have on lives. I wonder if that has anything to do with what I have seen online and read in newspapers and history books, etc.

          • DR.FUNK

            Interesting (if useless) analogy. Feel free to leave your ideological plantation…and discuss the way you see the world with other people.

          • Craig

            You pompous ass fuck.

          • Six Thousand Times

            I’m gonna get you one of those inflatable doughnuts to sit on when one of these gets political. 😉

        • Vassilis

          And how does this issue change how we communicate with each other?

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      But wasn’t the confederate army treasonous enemies of? Who wants to be named after one of the sorest losers in world history?

      • Kenneth

        Yes, the Confederates attacked the United States and lost, but maybe that wasn’t made clear-enough to them? However high a price they paid for fighting to keep their slave labor wasn’t quite high-enough, evidently.

  • Ilbirs

    It’s time for the average American to show the middle finger to SJWs and show that they won’t take common people as a hostage. Don’t worry, they will only cry and their low testosterone levels won’t make them able to hit back. Here in Brazil we already made this and I say that now SJWs here are only talking to themselves while the rest of the people don’t pay attention to what they say and live their lives in a very good normality. Go, Americans, do the same with your SJWs and you’ll know how much better life gets after this.

    • Burnermovement

      Yeah Brazil. The land of more insecure male plastic surgery and synthol addicts than most other countries in the world. Please.

      • Ilbirs

        OK, I’ll concede you a honorary SJW title and say what we say here: vai tomar no cu.

        • Burnermovement

          Hahaha. SJW? Okay here’s one: You don’t matter.

  • I’ve loved their designs for years, but always been put off by the name. It was a poor name choice. Glad they’re changing it.

  • LeStori

    Pandering to false Political correctness. Where does the rewriting of history stop in the USA. Presumably not before George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, John Jay, James Madison,
    Benjamin Franklin are all removed from History. All these people were Slave owners.

    Of course riding one of the new Curtiss Motorcycles will require you to be polite and courteous as that is what Curtiss means.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I understand the old Hitler Motorcycle Company had the same image problem. Name didn’t sell a lot of bikes. The confederacy stood for the preservation of slavery. If thinking such a name is unpalatable, onerous, and downright unacceptable makes me politically correct and a “SJW” then…cool. Name call on if that comforts you. The world will evolve whether you’re happy about it or not.

  • thunder bolt

    Chambers should have change the name to pussy bike.

  • fabri99

    Why was it called that in the first place?

  • Spyderdrifter

    I’d have respect for them if they stuck with their name. Just goes to shows a company feels threatened by society becoming stupid. They’re letting themselves be pushed around by ‘political correctness”, or they’re driven more by money if they really are missing out on branding..

  • Vassilis

    Yeah no sh*t such a name would affect the company’s image.

  • Rory-Taylor Fütter

    Its beautiful. Was the design by Mechano or The Helen Keller Acadamy?


    They have always made some gorgeous bikes…even as they went brain-dead with the company name.
    Good luck with the branding reboot.

  • Jack D Ripper

    P U S S Y S

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