Mazda CX-8 Brochure Leaked, Reveals What We Already Knew

Mazda is about to introduce a new SUV in its Japanese lineup in the form of the CX-8, a slightly shorter version of the CX-9 and a few photos of its brochure have found their way online ahead of its official reveal.

As mentioned before, the new Mazda CX-8 will ride on the same platform with the CX-9 and even share its 2,930 mm (115.3 in) wheelbase with its longer sibling.

However the footprint of the upcoming CX-8 will be a tad smaller, as it will be 115 mm (4.52 in) shorter in length, is 129 mm (5.1 in) narrower and 17 mm (0.7 in) lower than the CX-9 which isn’t available for sale in Japan. This will make the CX-8 the range-topping SUV of the brand there.

The cabin will offer up to seven seats, with the middle row being configurable as shown in the gallery below. The new Mazda CX-8 will be reportedly offered with the company’s 172hp 2.2-liter diesel unit, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

So far the only official information is talking about the CX-8 being offered in Japan only, but don’t be surprised if Mazda decides to offer it in other Asian markets and Australia too.

H/T To Ken!


  • gor134

    Looks like a longer CX-5 with a rear end of the CX-9. Not that good looking to be honest.

    • gareth1989

      I actually think it looks good. An elongated CX5…. they are grainy pics, best wait for the reveal before making judgement

  • salamOOn

    “it will be 115 mm (4.52 in) shorter in length, is 129 mm (5.1 in) narrower and 17 mm (0.7 in) lower than the CX-9”

    i F**** HATE this style of describing dimensions… so i need to find cx9 dimensions now and calculate the real dimensions of CX8……(?)
    because i dont remember dimensions of all cars….

    so this formulation in article is pretty useless…

    • Jesus

      sounds like a certain someone is having a bad day

  • klowik

    I prefer the smaller CX-8. CX-9 just too clumsy. It’s easy to scratch on either sides of a bigger car if you drive it through some narrow multi-storey car parks.

  • bimo movuzzo

    so this is the cx7 successor?

  • Matthijs

    Same width as the CX-5 so more a LWB CX-5. Looks fine but overall I do prefer the CX-9

  • Paul

    It looks like their is some curvature to the page with the image they are photographing and that may well be distorting the image. Otherwise it looks good and I like it.