New LC 500 Is Exactly What Lexus Needed Right Now

Having a proper halo model in the range is pretty important for Lexus and the new LC 500 looks like the ideal car for them.

It has the right sort of presence, with unmistakable GT proportions and an arresting design that works beautifully to the LC’s favor, including the huge spindle grille.

The fresh take on the classic front-engined GT is being backed by a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 paired to a 10-speed Aisin automatic gearbox, producing 471hp and 389lb ft of torque.

0-60mph takes 4.4 seconds while top speed is rated at 168mph (270km/h) but the new Lexus LC 500 is one of those cars that don’t care about tenths of seconds and miles per hour. It’s all about offering a true flagship experience under the Lexus nameplate.

Carlos Lago from Edmunds reviews the new Lexus LC 500 on the video below.


  • ediotsavant

    Stunning Design! What is interesting is the way the shifter shifts as the transmission goes through its gears. I never seen that before.

    • Kash

      I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not so I’m not sure if you realize the thing that’s moving isn’t the shifter, it’s his water bottle.

      • pcurve

        lmao.. he may be onto something.

  • One Model with Wow Factor

    No doubt this automobile draws customers into Lexus showrooms, but once there most, if not all, of the other models lack a wow factor, even after driving them. Too bad as I like Lexus.

    • Mark

      How accurate is that really? It is just an opinion. Regarding non-utility vehicles, yes they are old and engines outdated. The new LS and this LC will fix that a little, but not everyone is looking for a sports sedan/coupe in the IS/RC, ES, and GS. In terms of other reasons, a “wow” factor is too subjective to gauge accurately.

      • One Model with Wow Factor

        Since Lexus is a luxury automobile, then let me a benchmark: German interiors versus Lexus. All the German luxury models, class-per-class, convey more luxury. The LS is a good looking automobile and I hope it has the luxury standards commensurate with its class. You can walk into a Toyota dealership (many are situated right next to a Lexus dealership given their relationship) and see the new Camry and come away with a wow factor for what you get and the price.

    • getoffme

      It does not matter because the RX and NX sell easily.

      • One Model with Wow Factor

        I’m glad you mentioned these models as these are the models my wife and I test drove and came away unimpressed. We eventually wanted a fully loaded RX F Sport, but both of us said there was something lacking and no wow factor—for us—and no sale. My neighbor was also interested in RX, but said the same thing. I thought for a fully loaded model it would have tri-zone heating and cooling for the rear seats; many other little things didn’t add up either. Very well-made vehicle, just not in harmony with itself.

  • The new Lexus LC 500 is a supreme design of pure fast luxury on four wheels and will compete with most top branded rivals.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Saw one of these in person at a car event last weekend and in person it is NOT a pretty thing to behold.

    • KidRed

      I agree. Someone has one where I work, so I’ve seen it up close. It has some very odd looking angles and others that just make you question whether the Lexus designers walked around the clay model at all. A very flawed and expensive ‘halo’ car.

  • Infinite1

    The SC430 did not live up to it’s name sake. It was such an ugly car but this car brings back great memories of the original SC. Beauty and elegance.

  • Yup count me in!

  • DM

    I REALLY want to like this car, but there is something that makes it look odd. I think it’s the low beltline. I’ll take the LFA over the LC, and not because it is faster, I’m only talking about design.

  • KidRed

    meh. It has some very awkward and unattractive angles and you can;t change the radio station while you are driving. haha

  • Six Thousand Times

    I love it. The Lexus look fails on some of their other cars but in this elongated, low-slung form, it’s glorious. I also love it because of its “love it or hate it” design. There’s no “Nice KIA” here; it turns you on or it turns you off. It turns me on.

  • salamOOn

    this is the only car right now which make me really mad that i am not pretty rich…..

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