$71,290 Will Get You A Cadillac CT6 With Super Cruise

It has been confirmed that luxury car buyers will be able to purchase a 2018 Cadillac CT6 equipped with the Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system for as little as $71,290.

Speaking to Autonews, Cadillac chief marketing officer Uwe Ellinghaus confirmed that the CT6 Premium Luxury trim will start at $66,290 and that Super Cruise will be a $5,000 option.

Meanwhile, the $85,290 range-topping Cadillac CT6 Platinum will come standard with Super Cruise, Cadillac’s equivalent of Tesla’s Autopilot system.

According to Ellinghaus, “It is certainly a feature that once you have experienced it, you are totally sold on it and will never want to give it up.”

Super Cruise operates thanks to real-time cameras, sensors and GPS and is restricted to use on limited-access highways. The semi-autonomous driving technology also incorporates a driver attention system which uses a small camera on the steering column to monitor the driver and ensure they are ready to take over control if necessary.


  • Rocket

    “It is certainly a feature that once you have experienced it, you are totally sold on it and will never want to give it up.”

    Ummmm …. wanna bet?

    Not that it matters. If I’m dropping $70k+ on a luxury sedan, chances are good I’m looking elsewhere. And I’ll happily do the driving myself.

  • Kash

    “Super Cruise” is a much better phrase for this kind of system instead of “Autopilot”, it’s not nearly as misleading.

    • Jay

      what do you think happens when you’re on a plane? I say uninformed consumers are to blame more than anything so Cadillac is appeasing the idiocy. Up next- ” the car-stopping foot lever”

      • gary4205

        I am so sick of the airplane argument.

        Yes a liner can take off, fly to it’s destination, and even land with autopilot.


        Planes generally fly miles apart through well defined corridors. AND the cockpit is filled with highly trained individuals who are ready to take back control in a split second, if needed.

        Cars on the other hand travel as close as mere inches apart. Even if the driver is sharp, alert, and paying attention, the accident rate will climb higher if this lunacy continues.

        • javier

          oh they got plans for us, why the push for self driving cars? It certainly isn’t a consumer demand phenomenon

          • Jay

            lol did you once in your life demand for a web forum to type your comments with other people on.. which you know are for ads and data research? Technology doesn’t wait for consumer demands. You didn’t personally know or ask for higher resolutions to things your whole life.

        • Status

          On the other hand, cars drive though well defined corridors (known as roads, replete with highly reflective markings), and travel at speeds much, much slower than commercial aircraft. If anything, the slower speeds and fewer spatial requirements (there’s no altitude to calculate or map) would make autonomous technology easier to implement for cars.

  • Adilos Nave

    Considering how many people get their floormats stuck under the brake pedal let alone understand their current cruise-control system, this scares me. Props to Cadillac developing it but I just think the general public isn’t even close to intelligent enough to use it properly.

    • Jay

      spot on. they are trying to remedy user understanding- lol good luck to them.

  • Hot new yorker

    It’s another piece of technology that they want to stick it up in our asses and force us to think that we actually want it.

    • Status

      You’re not the one buying it, as those who are buying autonomous driving cars want it. You’ll have to wait until it trickles down, and by then the systems will be superb enough that you won’t be able to defeat them, not that you’d want to.

      • gary4205

        There should be a constitutional amendment BANNING these “autonomous” cars.

        • Status

          And if the US did ban it, they’d suffer the economic disadvantage when their cars and trucks are forbidden from have a technological feature that every other nation on earth would use for unsurpassed logistical efficiency. Traffic jams waste your time and your money, and also contribute needless markup in the goods you buy. The more streamlined the passage is from factory to consumer, the better.

          And you want it banned because you want to see America shoot itself in its own feet.


  • Merc1

    The CT6 is not worth that kind of money. Period.


  • KidRed

    Another $70k Caddy, curious to see how many of these sell.

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