Audi Q8 Drops The Camo For Testing In Moscow

Audi continues to put the upcoming Q8 through its paces and shortly after a prototype was spied in the U.S, Carscoops reader Willzyx has snapped an image of the SUV testing in Moscow, Russia.

What’s intriguing about this prototype is that it is wearing none of the traditional white and black camoflage we’ve seen adorning other Q8s and appears to have almost all of its production bodywork in full view. The only exceptions include tape over the Audi badge, parts of the grille and the side air intakes.

As we long suspected, the design of the road-going Q8 is remarkably similar to the concept from earlier this year. The headlights retain the same shape, the air intakes bear a close resemblance to the concept and the overall proportions of the vehicle are almost like-for-like.

While our reader wasn’t able to snap pictures of the prototype’s rear, previous images suggest it too will be heavily inspired by the concept but as you’d expect, will have some slightly more restrained components, such as the taillights.

When the Audi Q8 lands in showrooms, it will be available with a plethora of engines from the VW Group, including the tri-turbo 4.0-liter V8 of the SQ7 and a plug-in hybrid co-developed with Porsche.


  • Leconte Dave

    What the point of this vehicle?

    • RS6 Performance Wagon Lover

      To prove to BMW and Mercedes that the more impractical versions of their large SUVs don’t necessarily need to be ugly. I think.

    • nastinupe

      As an owner of an A7 it’s another option for a similar vehicle, just slightly larger with and higher ride height. I am going to be purchasing a new vehicle in 2020 so this will be on my radar. My A7 is paid off but my warranty lasts until July 2019. So once the first thing goes wrong after that I’m selling it and moving on. I was hoping on purchasing an all electric vehicle, however, I really don’t see viable options aside from Tesla, and I really hate their designs, especially their interiors. I was hoping that Audi or BMW or Porsche would be serious about their electric programs by then. Porsche “claims” that the Mission E will be available by 2020 but I don’t believe them for some reason. It’s almost 2018 and we haven’t seen anything since the prototype was shown a couple of years ago.

      • S3XY

        Tesla’s have the nicest interiors. Over-exaggerating by saying you “hate” them. Hate is a strong feeling. I hate gas guzzlers. Hurry up and get a Model X

        • nastinupe

          I hate Tesla interiors. The premium for the Tesla isn’t worth it. I’m not spending $30,000 on gas over the life of any car purchase. The Tesla Model S looks like a $40,000 car yet sells for $90,000. Hell no!

          I have a friend that worked for Tesla in their repair shop and he even told me that their cars were pieces of shit and broke down way too much.

    • Vanquish

      to Con more idiots into believing a big grill and pseudo coupe styling (this doesnt have a coupe roofline like the X6,and GLE so its very silly) means its worth another 10k. This frankly just looks like Audis version of the RX or QX70 its simply a crossover with a big grill and way to many body lines. In profile it just looks like a big hatch; but hey theyve convinced people to spend thousands more for a GTI with the TT and the A6 with the A7 a car that is literally just a hatchback version of the A6 same interior but has convinced those with more “lease” money than sense to pay a small car more for one its quite funny to me

    • Cool guy

      It is a waste of investment money, instead of putting that money to new platforms or electrification, they are trying to confuse a Q7 buyer with a Q8…

  • I’ll be gone for a minute

    X6 baby sitter

  • TheBelltower

    Clearly we are going to have to rely on Tesla and the upstart automotive brands to get anything interesting and original. The established brands are all out of ideas. Fake air vents, conventional door handles from a VW, inelegant horsey looking mirrors… it’s as if time is standing still for these automakers. I don’t even bother looking at concept cars anymore because none of them ever happen.

  • TedNotTheBear

    This will put the Maserati Levante to shame

  • Tenzin Pelha

    This new ride looks like a beast!

  • botornot387

    really loving everything about the design and how it hasn’t strayed from the concept, however, I want those concept taillights too, and this clearly isn’t getting them.

  • Miknik

    I love how they camo 3 out of the 4 rings, because then no one will know that a vehicle that looks like every other Audi SUV is actually an Audi…

  • Alexander Iliev

    Electric vehicles (using li-ion) are full of bs. Just as greener as a Lambo if u consider the power that went into making it (including the battery) and the power ur using to charge. Not made from solars or wind, sorry to cause nightmares.
    Apart from acceleration u get ZERO advantages. Digits talk loudly enough. Check what happens with TSLA sales when gov subsidies end (Denmark, Singapore, etc). No one really wants this bs.
    As for the coupe SUVs… seriously?! Wtf..please, stop buying these idiotic vehicles so car makers can focus on making cars that actually matter like the new Bentley Conti GT or the E63s from AMG, or the M5…

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