Blackberry Wants To Get In On Self-Driving Software, Partners With Delphi

Delphi and BlackBerry have announced a partnership to develop a software operating system for self-driving vehicles.

As of this week’s announcement, Delphi Automotive had already developing an autonomous driving system dubbed CSLP which it wants to sell to automakers and transportation providers from 2019.

However, that system lacks a reliable operating system and this is where BlackBerry steps in. The technology company will provide an advanced operating system certified to the high safety standards of the Delphi CSLP system.

BlackBerry QNX will provide a robust software infrastructure for CSLP and help advance Delphi’s autonomous driving system,” said Delphi chief technology officer Glen De Vos. “Safety in high performance computing systems is paramount to a production ready autonomous driving solution.”

During the announcement of the partnership, De Vos told members of the media that it wants to begin pilot tests of its autonomous driving systems with ride-service fleets by 2019. By 2020, it intends on taking the human driver out of the equation altogether.