Borgward Creates The Isabella Of The 21st Century

According to Borgward, the Isabella Concept is a modern interpretation of the classic model, featuring a revolutionary interior, a sleek body and generous dimensions.

As an incarnation of the legendary Isabella of the 1950’s, this concept is said to embody the future focus of Borgward, with regard to design and drive technology.

On paper, the Isabella Concept is a four-door, four seat coupe, following the company’s design principle of “Impression of Flow” – which will be applied to all vehicles in the future.

“The carefully coordinated body shape with its smooth transitions creates a perfect balance between rounded organic shapes and precise lines. Our aim was to create stylistic synergies between beauty and technology,” said Borgward design boss, Anders Warming.

The concept, unveiled in Frankfurt, measures 5.00 meters (196.8 in) in length, stands 1.4 meters (55.1 in) high and 1.9 meters (74.8 in) wide. It also has flowing three-dimensional and sculptural design elements, connected to functional elements such as the cooling air inlets and aerodynamic components.

“Aerodynamic excellence and efficiency play a key role in this vehicle and define its flowing shapes,” added Warming. “We are convinced that a vehicle body through and around which air flows in a perfect way must radiate accessibility, appeal, and a commanding presence.”

The Stuttgart-based automaker plans on entering the German market by the end of the year, with the first units of the Borgward BX7 TS Limited Edition expected to reach customers in the fourth quarter. The regular BX7, as well as the BX5 and BX6 will also be introduced in Europe, featuring petrol-powered engines.


  • Kannag Don Amenra

    Beautiful, reminds me a bit of the Fisker design language.

    • Bash

      True, and a little bit of Renault at the front.

      • fabri99

        I see a lot of the latest Alpine in it…

      • atomiccow

        Ya and that Renault-looking logo makes it even more so.

  • Giorgos Papaspyros

    Nice and refreshing.
    Some design cues could have made it even to a special model like the Chiron.

  • Best Looking Show EV

    If only BMW’s EVs could have developed along this design/styling language. Throw the BMW kidneys on the front and voila. It’s quite good looking.

  • fabri99

    Interesting, I can’t wait to see what Borgward will come up with in the future.

  • Six_Tymes

    whoa, i didnt expect this to look so good. very nice!

  • Cool guy

    This looks horrible, a hodge podge of several styling points found on everything else

    • Six_Tymes

      and it has 4 wheels like “everything else”

  • CarbonPhiber

    Isn’t that the name of the school from Harry Potter?


  • supermanuel

    Definitely seeing the Renault influence there. Very similar to the Reggie Symbioz concept also released today.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Kinda like the two-tone.

  • sidewaysspin

    Rather nice, modern without being boring.

  • TheBelltower

    I like it all. Except for “Borgward.” Such an ugly looking word.

  • Dariush

    the c pillar is terrible and that crome running in the mid section of the side its really unnecessary. It would have been much better with no 2 tones colours. Also, show the back. ^^

  • Cool guy

    This thing sucks