Kia Proceed Concept Is Sensitive To Changing Light Conditions

That doesn’t mean that it needs glasses, or a special treatment, because the Kia Proceed Concept, which is displayed in Frankfurt, features a very complicated paintwork.

It’s called Lava Red, and it’s the result of a week-long paintshop process that saw the combination of 19 hand-applied layers of black, chrome-effect silver, and red tinted lacquer, for a glossy and lustrous finish.

The special paint, which covers the entire body of the brand’s latest show car, is said to enhance its curvaceous body, and to be sensitive to changing light conditions.

“Color and trim played a key role in the development of the car, and our discussions on the look and feel of the Proceed Concept’s cabin took place at the same time as our talks on exterior form. The two dovetailed together perfectly, which is not always the case”, Chief Designer Europe for Kia, Gregory Guillaume.

Some of the exterior highlights include, besides the ‘extended hot hatch’ shape, which could become a third member of the next generation Cee’d family, the dynamic lineage, glasshouse that extends to the tailgate complete with illumination, dramatic roofline, slim waistline, muscular rear end, and 20-inch rims, with central locking.

Finished in Lava Red as the rest of the bodywork, the dashboard and steering column provide an interesting contrast in the cabin. The door linings have been covered in glossy hand-painted fabric, the seats are wrapped in more than 100 meters of black elastane fabric, specially molded by hand to create “rippled and ruched upholstery”, and there is also visible carbon fiber that runs across its full length.

The Kia Proceed Concept can seat four, in the interlinked seats that feature a contoured welcoming wave. The person behind the wheel can then select between three color-coded driving modes – Lava Red for GT, Forest Green for Eco, and Ghost White, for Autonomous. Yes, the study features autonomous drive, but the automaker has yet to detail it.

Other interesting additions made to the cabin are the aluminum controls, inspired by the haptic, machined actions of top-end audio systems, and the ‘Memory Bank’, which is “a flush-mounted shelf housed within the dashboard, containing a trio of evocative aromas”, Kia says.

“Each of these three engraved flacons contains a scent synonymous with power, passion and performance; aromas that any petrol head will instantly recognize,” says Guillaume. “There’s the warm musky smell of aged leather, the oily fragrance of a garage that’s home to a classic car, and the tang of high-octane motorsport fuel. This is about automotive passion and the love of car culture.”


  • john1168

    Awesome front end!

    • jaykit

      Yes. There’s the evolution of the Kia face they needed. Too bad the Stinger missed out.

  • salamOOn

    i hate it when you have an awesome concept car like this one, because i know it wont be like that in serial production… 🙁

    killer wheels, awesome interior, sleek exterior…. this concept is really stylish.

    • TheHake

      Yep. Very sad. This should be built, man. Just like this.

  • Bash

    And I thought KIA have done a great job with the stinger!… apparently more great stuff are coming from them… I love everything about this Proceed concept. I’m having a difficult time thinking about a proper word to describe its beauty!

    • Craig

      It truly is a work of art.

      • Bash


  • TheHake

    Love the ’50’s American interior brought into 2017.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    If it’s approved the mucky muck will say:

    Proceed with the Proceed…

    Cool concept, but once again, stupid name.

  • erg


  • Karl

    Kia oh Kia! If you guys continue on your pace and consistency,very soon you guys will be at the very top of the game! Toyota, Honda,Nissan,GM,Ford and others this is how it is done. What a beautiful and intriguing design! Congratulations to the design team for pushing the envelope..

  • atomiccow

    Hyundai/Kia are really getting their money’s worth from Schreyer and his crew.

    Maybe the “Proceed” trademark is actually going to be turned into Kia’s equivalent of the Hyundai “N” brand and this car is actually some kind of Stinger wagon sport variant rather than the actual next Pro Cee’d. If it is though Kia, please tell me before the compulsion to buy a Stinger overcomes me!

    • Spyderdrifter

      Not a bad thought. I too love the Stinger, wish I could add it to my family.

  • Tom

    … will be the KIA brother of Hyundais’s new i30 Fastback????
    Very nice, will have 🙂


  • Enter Ranting

    A beautiful design that’s hampered by the dumb vents in the bumpers.

  • TheBelltower

    Damn. Now this looks good.

  • eb110americana

    As expected from the teasers, the exterior is a stunner, but wow, that interior! I love the retro painted look of the dash and console. I hope they translate as much of this as possible into production cars.

  • For the love of God what on earth is happening with those seats?!!!

  • Spyderdrifter

    My wife has a 2011 Optima, which I think is the first Kia I’ve really liked as far as quality and design. They’ve gotten even better since, and really wish they’d keep their production versions looking like the concepts. It’s not that hard to do, and they’d probably sell way more if they did it. I understand the interior would probably change a bit to be more ergonomic and affordable to produce, but the exterior shouldn’t fall victim to that idea. The production design will definitely look nothing like this, and that is too sad.

  • Sybill Julian

    amazing! nuff said!

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