Chrysler Reportedly Axes Redesigned 300, Hellcat Model In the Works

Chrysler’s lineup is looking pretty bleak these days and the picture will become even worse when dealers finally sell their remaining inventory of 200 sedans. However, Chrysler fans shouldn’t give up hope as there appears several new models on the horizon.

The introduction of new products would certainly be welcome but Automotive News is reporting the redesigned 300 has been scrapped. The model was slated to be launched in 2020 and ride on the Giorgio platform that underpins the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Instead, Chrysler is expected to introduce a significantly updated model in 2019.

Little is known about the car but engineers will reportedly focus on cutting weight and improving fuel efficiency. The report suggests the updated model could be offered with a new turbocharged four-cylinder as well as an upgraded V6. Despite these eco-minded changes, a 300 Hellcat could be introduced late next year.

2019 will also see the introduction of a new mid-size crossover. Slated to be based on the same platform that underpins the Jeep Cherokee, the model will reportedly be built at the Belvidere Assembly Plant in Illinois and offer three rows of seating.

A larger crossover could arrive in 2021 and revive the Aspen name that was previously used on a rebadged version of the Dodge Durango. That particular model failed to connect with consumers but the new version will be reportedly be based on the Pacifica.

At the lower end of the spectrum, FCA has reportedly looked at importing the Fiat Tipo into the United States. If this occurs, the model could potentially join the Chrysler lineup as a Neon.

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  • Ed Ward

    Amazing how Chrysler’s recourses went into Alfalfa while Chrysler Dodge get nothing.

    • LeStori

      Personally unless the Chrysler 300 replacement was to be a premium offering, using the premium Giorgio platform seems like massive overkill. Here in Australia, the current Chrysler 300 looks very down market. I do not know how this model fits into the USA market but find it hard to believe even the Americans could consider this car ever being a premium offering. A revamp seems like a better fit than reducing margins by producing an expensive car based on the Giorgio platform.

      Meanwhile whilst the Giulia is off to a slow start in Europe, the Stelvio is selling very well against the German marques. I think it is out selling them in Italy.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Older people like them in basic-spec V-6 guise. Some go to rental fleets. The Dodge version does OK with law enforcement who mourn the loss of their trusty Crown Vics. Definitely no reason to replace them with the costly Giorgio platform; the current tooling’s paid for so just sell them until they die of natural causes.

        • Benjamin B.

          The platform is pretty old and very heavy. FCA is milking old Mercedes Benz technology.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Comedy gold! Maybe this time the government should have let Chrysler/Dodge fold rather than give FIAT a chance to revive them?

  • TheBelltower

    I suppose I should be upset about this. But I just rented a 300 last week, and I really enjoyed it. It’s a proven big old-school RWD barge that drives nicely and (I think) looks really good. I don’t know if a Giulia platformed 300 would achieve the same thing.

    • BlackPegasus

      I would love to drive one for a weekend. When I rent, it seems I get stuck with a Nissan or a Malibu. Both are nice brands but I want to feel that rwd power and torque in a big American sedan.

    • Six Thousand Times

      An OK rental but admit it, you’d never buy a new one.

      • TheBelltower

        True. I wouldn’t buy most cars on the market. But if I were shopping for a relatively inexpensive full-sized sedan, I’d consider it. It looks and feels much more substantial than a Malibu, Camry, Sonata or Optima. And I don’t like chirping my front wheels at stoplights.

        • Six Thousand Times

          Dunno, I rented one soon after renting the then-new Impala and still remember how insubstantial the 300 felt by comparison. And I prefer a rear-driver, too.

          • Benjamin B.

            Impala is pretty nice for what it is. A large FWD sedan. In fact most people won’t care or even notice about differences between FWD and RWD full size vehicles. These cars aren’t sports cars. Even the mighty BMW M5 is not known for being particularly athletic. The M3 is. The M5 is mostly about brute force, raw power, and straight line speed. The other 5- and 7-Series models are pretty conservative to drive. I can’t think of a single larger sedan that has a neutral handling driving balance.

        • Benjamin B.

          The Kia Optima/Hyundai Sonata 2.0T is pretty nice. Obviously this model is not rental spec. You are renting a NA 2.4L, which I admit is not as enjoyable to drive. I can see why a 3.6L Chrysler 300 would be preferred. Most 300s have gotten the 3.6L or 5.7L. A few early models have gotten a 3.5L V6, which I believe is SOHC. The SRT variant uses the NA 6.4L that makes 470HP in the 4,000 pound sedan. A lighter 300 would be much appreciated.

          • TheBelltower

            The one I had was a 6cyl. It had a panoramic roof and adaptive cruise, so judging by Chrysler’s configurator, I believe it was a “platinum” model. I agree, it’s not a light car. It doesn’t feel nimble and you don’t feel inspired to drive it fast on the back roads. Which is fine for what it is.

    • Benjamin B.

      They’re big heavy boats (although fiberglass boats are lighter)


    put a fork in Chrysler , it’s going to be all Alfa with higher profit margins

  • Craig

    I think this is good news. In fact – anything that keep the 300 alive is good news! But I’ll say it again – if indeed there is a 300 Hellcat – please FCA – fancy it up a bit and call it the Imperial. WHY? Because then Chrysler could go against the CT6 and the Continental directly. A 200 mph Imperial would have some significant street cred.

    • donald seymour

      Craig, Sir, slow down. Don’t get your hopes up.

      • Craig

        It’s good to dream big!

        • Benjamin B.

          Chrysler should be discontinued

          • Craig

            So now I know where you stand.

    • Status

      An Imperial with street cred that’ll deprecate faster than a Kia.

      • Craig

        You are [once again] seriously, almost comically clueless. I wonder… what’s the most expensive car you have ever owned? My guess.. you’re still driving the 1982 beige Camry you inherited from your grandmother. You never go over the speed limit. And yet…. you know all there is to know about the demographic that buys expensive cars.

        • Status

          Everyone already knows what kind of person buys an expensive car. They know they won’t choose a Chrysler because they don’t have an cachet, no matter what the price.

          Chrysler is the Jack D of the second tier; unspectacular and incapable of being anything more than what it is at face value. Nobody in that demographic would even drink it.

          Deep down, even you know that. If you had the money, and you wanted to lift yourself out of your drab and miserable existence, you wouldn’t do so in Chrysler.

          You know as well as I do that the big money would never go any Mopar, or American car for that matter.

          • Craig

            “Everyone already knows what kind of person buys an expensive car.” What a weird little world you live in. I’ve owned several $100,000 cars. I now own a 300C SRT8. I’ve always bought what I WANT. Not something that I thought would impress someone else.

          • Status

            Now you know why the 300, even it its best trim, isn’t rubbing shoulders with the worst LS or S-class. At least those cars command attention, as does the badge.

            Unfortunately, for the 300 and all of Mopar, the public sees rental lot fodder, no matter how nice the 300 is spec’d. Take that as you like, and think of that next time you drive by a Budget or Enterprise.

          • Craig

            Which is why the Hellcat Chrysler needs the Imperial name. It is sinking in yet?

          • Status

            An Imperial badge will not hide or downplay it’s blue collar roots. It’ll amplify and alienate itself in the worst possible way. Nobody who plays in the $100K range will be fooled or swayed. Why do you think Lincoln or Cadillac can’t get any traction there?

            Do you get it now? There is no more blue-collar rags to riches stories anymore, and you can’t dress up something old as something cutting edge. You’re either a status symbol by virtue of having always offered the best, or you fall out of fashion and become commonplace.

            Nobody ever reverses the decline in public perception and transforms from a commodity to a luxury. It didn’t work for Lincoln, it won’t work for Cadillac, and it will never work for Chrysler.

          • Craig

            QUOTE ME! Where did I say the Imperial would be a $100,000 car? The Charger Hellcat starts at $67,645. Add $5,000 to that – and you have the fully equipped Imperial. Do you get it now?

          • Status

            $72K as a value proposition isn’t going to be any kind of full-size luxury car. A full size Chrysler billing itself as the best luxury car from FCA starting $27K LESS than $100K make the car look like it’s full of shortcuts.

            Do you get it now? You can’t undercut in full-size luxury car. You either go big, or you settle for a 300C and pretend.

            Evidently, $27K is the acid test that separates full-size luxury consumers from the you. Enjoy your 300, but you’re $27K away from being a luxury consumer. Until then, there’s little to distinguish your 300 from a rental Charger at the airport.

          • Craig

            The CT6 starts at $53,795. The Continental starts at $44,720. I’m curious… what’s the most expensive car YOU have ever bought. [As in paid for]

    • LWOAP

      Naah. 300 SRT Hellcat. An Imperial just goes against everything the Hellcat is known for. It’s supposed to be mean, brutish, no nonsense, and uncompromising. A Chrysler Imperial would be none of that. If they are going to make one, they shouldn’t waste the Hellcat engine doing it.

      • Craig

        And the Grand Cherokee doesn’t?

        • Benjamin B.

          GC actually sells and FCA actually is willing to spend some money on it

      • Craig

        Chrysler DESPERATELY needs a flagship. It needs something to go directly against the CT6 and Continental. No matter what you do to a 300 – no one will think ‘flagship’ sedan. [And this is coming from someone who owns a 300C SRT8] A Chrysler with the Hellcat engine needs a NAME that makes people stop and take a look. In fact – I wouldn’t even call it a hellcat engine. Simply let it sink in that the fastest AMERICAN luxury sedan is the IMPERIAL.

        • Benjamin B.

          Chrysler isn’t a luxury brand and FCA is not marketing it as one.

          • Craig

            What are they marketing it as? If you don’t know [and I bet most people don’t] they can begin to market it as anything they want.

        • LWOAP

          Look, I get where you are coming from, but FCA is going to sink faster than Equifax’s stock before that happens. And believe me, that will come to past long before they shove a Hellcat engine in the 300 C and call it an Imperial.

    • Bash

      Sergio would never think of that brilliant idea!

      • Craig

        Thanks Bash! Maybe I should write him directly. lol I laugh. But then… maybe I should.

        • Status

          You’d be stopped by FCA’s legal arm with a polite email. No automaker takes unsolicited advice on product planning or marketing from the general public.

          That mean you, by the way.

          • Craig

            You bring so much joy to my life.

          • Status

            A healthy little dose of stone-cold dead-fisted reality to kill any immature ideas of outside influence dictating internal corporate affairs. If someone doesn’t tell you that santa and god are fictional, you could risk going the rest of your think they aren’t.

          • Craig

            I’ve said a few times already… but the truth is worth repeating. You ARE indeed a pompous ass.

          • Status

            No, I’m just a luxury consumer. You can be one too, but you have to demand better of what a company offers rather than accepting shortcuts or reheated ideas of the past (like the Imperial nameplate).

            Despite your malformed ideas of what you think a luxury car should be, calling a 12 year old car Imperial won’t magically make Chrysler respectable, nor will be allow Chrysler to command $100K+ for the cars. Chrysler simply doesn’t have the clout nor ‘head space’ inside the luxury consumer’s mind to be taken seriously because they aren’t even trying to project an image of luxury or being on cutting edge.

            And you think I’m pompoms for seeing right through your weak idea of making Chrysler respectable? You’re not even trying to make Chrysler respectable with that idea. All you have is something that would amount to another limited edition trim job that doesn’t even make the car, or the brand, exceptional.

            You want a luxurious Chrysler Impearl that makes people throw away their Mercedes and Bentleys? Aim for the stars, not for people who wear nascar jackets.

            It’s not pompous to ask for something better, and it’s not pompous to get something better. If you can’t demand better for what you want, you can stay with your 300C, but you’ll never convince anyone it’s more than just a rental car aimed at the nascar crowd.

          • Craig

            lol – incredible.

          • Status

            Yeah, it’s incredible that we’ve found the point at which you get cold feet.

          • Craig

            You continue to embarrass yourself.

    • Benjamin B.

      FCA has decided not to sell the Chrysler brand upmarket. I believe this is a mistake as FCA could’ve expanded the brand to China. As economy cars I believe Chrysler may end up being phrased out much like Lancia. I hope the new Aspen and unnamed midsize crossover turn the brand around. I wonder if FCA will continue to sell the Durango when the Aspen comes out. I suspect next generation Durango will share its platform with the Pacifica minivan. Also why would FCA sell a new Neon as a Chrysler and not as a Dodge? Seems like it might make better business sense to cut losses and discontinue the Chrysler brand entirely. Jeep should focus on selling SUVs. Dodge cars and vans. Pacifica could easily be rebadged as a Dodge Grand Caravan. Many people would welcome the familiar nameplate. The Aspen variant of the Durango was not a good seller and I am doubtful Chrysler will be successful convincing people old enough to afford a larger crossover that the new Aspen is a completely different vehicle from the one sold in the 1980s.

  • Leconte Dave

    Chrysler are stupid pr what? She need to lose weight

  • kachuks

    An upgraded version of this would still be good. I like me some rear drive, north/south engine layout.

    There’s been past rumors of a turbo’d Pentastar and recently a straight 6 from FCA. Both would fit nicely under the 300’s hood.

  • Rocc E. Normyss

    I’ve always loved the v8 300!

  • Denzel

    A new model would be nice but if they can make it work with a major refresh then I won’t complain as long as it’s done right

  • eb110americana

    Chrysler now has 2 models: the 300 and the Pacifica. If the Fiat Tipo comes here, Fiat will literally have more models in the US than Chrysler (500, 500L–which is on a unique platform from the 500, so I’m calling it a separate model). I really hope they do right by Chrysler and Dodge, rather than strip them to the bones to die with ancient models.

    • Classic Bob

      Fiat already has four models in the US: 500, 500L, 500X, 124 Spider (five if you count the 500c as a seperate model). Even with two new crossovers (if they come), Chrysler will still have less.

      Funny how they have a tough time making a business case for new Chrysler models, while they waste valuable marketing resources to keep Fiat alive in the US.

  • LeStori

    I guess a new car based on the Giorgio platform was going to be too expensive. Unless the Chrysler 300 replacement was to be a premium offering, then using a premium chassis seems like overkill to me.


    Chrysler is going to die if FCA falls apart isn’t it?

  • Six Thousand Times

    Slip slidin’ away…

  • Justin Spencer

    Nobody wants a Chrysler anymore. Why bother???

  • Grumpy

    300 needs a redesign not a few upgrades.

  • Spyderdrifter

    I really wish they would stop putting the hellcat engine into so many cars/trucks. That engine meant that the car was special, now it’s really not. Chrysler ruins themselves again.


    kill the 300 already, it’s no longer based on merc anymore

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Sergio: We need a sedan with lots of power that burns lots of gasoline
    Minion: Well, we DO have the 300 that’s about to come out…
    Sergio: Kill it and give me a new more powerful version….call it….mmmm….Hellcat!
    Minion: But Sir we have 3 of those alrea….
    Sergio: Silence!! When the Grrreat Sergio speaks, you ask, mmm how do you say it?, How high!!?
    Minion: Yes your Greatness…

  • Bob White

    You can put an antique plate on this car right off the showroom floor. Lol

  • Craig

    UPDATE: September 20, 2017 – 7:30 PM EST From ‘Jalopnik’.

    “I can confirm that there are NO plans to offer the supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 (Hellcat) engine in the Chrysler 300.” – FCA Spokesperson.

  • smartacus

    Rebadge a Genesis when Hyundai buys FCA?

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