Is Hyundai Planning To Buy FCA?

Reports have surfaced indicating that Hyundai is interested in acquiring Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in a deal which would make it to the world’s largest carmaker.

An analyst from Eugene Investment & Securities, Lee Jae-il, told The Korea Herald that Hyundai could benefit greatly from purchasing FCA and help it to expand its operations throughout the United States and Europe. Last year, the two companies built a combined 11.5 million vehicles.

“Hyundai is denying the merger, but the need to acquire a company is higher than ever due to the crisis in the Chinese and US markets. The possibility of Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors acquiring Jeep has been suggested, and Hyundai Motor has also surfaced as a possible buyer,” Jae-il said.

Talk about a potential relationship between Hyundai and FCA first emerged last month when it was reported that Sergio Marchionne was actively seeking a merger with a large Asian car manufacturer. Such speculation comes not long after China’s Great Wall Motor said it was interested in purchasing the Jeep brand.

Analysts believe it would cost Hyundai approximately $9.83 billion to acquire FCA. If, however, it wanted to purchase the automaker without Maserati or parts manufacturer Magneti Marelli, the deal could cost around $4.95 billion.

However, not everyone is convinced such a move would be a good decision for Hyundai.

“Hyundai will face more obstacles if it buys the FCA as a whole. Fiat mainly produces small cars, which overlaps with vehicles made by Kia Motors in the A, B, and C-segments,” an industry insider said.



  • baofe

    The accent and challenger demon now under the same manufacture? Can’t see it

    • Randy Terpstra

      As if the Fiat 500 and Challenger Demon are a better pairing?

      • baofe

        They have the Abarth and the 124. So yes

        • Randy Terpstra

          Fiat can’t even do a proper sports car anymore. The 124 is a Japanese car, with a ‘wop’ engine. In the mean time Hyundai is 2nd over-all the World Rally Championship and has introduced a 275 hp hot-hatch. Then, there’s Fiat’s quality control issues… Just think, a new Challenger based on the Genesis G90’s platform, instead of a tired old Mercedes-Benz derived platform, which Fiat can’t afford to replace :/ .

          • SteersUright

            Well said!

          • Craig

            I couldn’t agree more!

          • psiqtas

            If only other platforms would be ‘old-beat-up’ as MB platform so capable and long-lasting…don’t forget about that they use those platform on Maseratis too – would You sau the same about these cars?

          • Randy Terpstra

            Yes, I’d say the same about the Maseratis, if that were the case (and I’m a Benz owner).

            Other than portions of the platform pan and some switch-gear, there’s nothing in common between the Maserati Quattroporte and the Chrysler LX cars (including the Challenger). In it’s original configuration the LX used Mercedes-Benz derived suspension ( W210 E-Class rear, W220 S-Class front) along with the transmission, steering, etc. The Maserati has none of that. There’s no comparison. In fact, the next LX (if there’s a replacement) is said to be based on the Maserati platform.

      • eb110americana

        Actually yes. When you buy a Demon, the Crate comes with a 500 inside. True story!

    • Tumbi Mtika


  • Six_Tymes

    Very interesting. A lot of good would come of this for sure.

  • Mark S

    Very interesting. Hyundai could supply some badly needed new platforms and FCA would open up more US and European production.


    no pls no

    • FlameWater

      oh because things are so great right now

      • Tumbi Mtika

        For Hyundai, yes!

        FCA could die for all I care!

  • Shane

    I feel like I’m watching a turd swirl around the toilet bowl before it goes down.

    • Finkployd


    • Auf Wiedersehen

      You bet…a clogged toilet at that…Sergio is sweating watching and worried the bowl will overflow and the turd will be out on the floor very very soon…the question is, will a plumber show up quick enough to shut off the water, or will Sergio end up with turds on his Italian shoes?

      • KareKakk

        As if Mario and Luigi will do any work for FCA without advance payment, nor do any plumbing at all since Fiat and Lancia has gone way off the grid. At best they will bring a bowl of pasta and watch those shoes get soaked.

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          Eating a bowl of pasta in near a clogged overflowing toilet?? Eeuuk!

  • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ
  • Tex

    when you pair up two turkeys, what do you get?

    • Auf Wiedersehen


    • Marcus

      An excellent dinner

  • SteersUright

    As a fan of Hyundai and witness to the prior Ford shopping spree when they bought Jag, Range Rover, Volvo, etc…, I hope they consider such a move carefully. Why does this article state they are in some sort of desperate need to buy another brand?

    • Tumbi Mtika

      It’s a miracle that Mercury was the only casualty in that…

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    Well, hyundai or anyone else, Pls acquire FCA for world’s good.

  • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

    You guys don’t realize that the previous gen hyundai accent was sold in mexico as dodge attitude, before it was replaced with mitsubishi mirage G4. Yes, they’ve worked together before

    • KareKakk

      Buying a batch of Accent’s and paying Hyundai a little extra for putting Dodge badges on them and ship them to the dealer network is not quite “working together” in my book.

  • sidewaysspin

    All of it is worth it just to own the Alfa Romeo brand.

    • LeStori

      Selling Alfa Romeo to the Koreans… Blasphemy. Who ever does will need to look over their shoulder until the day they soon die.

  • Craig

    I strongly suggested Hyundai do this MONTHS ago. I would be VERY happy if Hyundai bought FCA. Far better than the Chinese buying it.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      And they didn’t listen then? What the hell!!?

      Seriously, I kind of agree…

      • Craig

        Not a problem really. I always like to give big corporations TIME to do what I say!!

  • Craig

    Just IMAGINE!! The IMPERIAL brand makes a come back. And it’s based on the Genesis G90. Oh my gawd! I can hardly stand it. lol [And I’m only somewhat kidding] But by all means…. shatter my dreams!

    • Big Black Duck

      u came too fast again…lol

      • Craig

        Don’t worry. I’ve got plenty left!

  • MultiKdizzle

    Don’t do it, Hyundai.

    You have a good thing going, don’t completely blow it on FIAT-Chrysler of all brands.

  • gary4205

    General Motors needs to buy FCA and get serious.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      I agree to a point…but GM can’t figure out it’s way out of a wet paper bag. It would likely take them both down with their track record.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      I’m not letting Cadillac die.

    • LWOAP

      If I recall they tried to do that but that plan fell through.

  • Emmett

    Hyundai would buy it to get Ram and Jeep. Dodge and Chrysler would be immediately killed. Fiat might lose half of their lineup. The Pacifica would become a Ram. Alfa? Maserati? Would YOU buy those brand?

    • Galaxium

      It would be an interesting proposition.

      Hyundai would have Ram, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, and possibly Maserati under its belt. All these companies need cash.

  • Emmett

    If Hyundai buys FCA, Dodge and Chrysler brands will die, the Pacifica will become a Ram, half of Fiats models will disappear (say goodbye to 500, 500X, etc.

    • LWOAP

      Is that really a bad thing?

  • Auto

    Well, Fiat could really benefit from Hyundai’s amazing quality control.

  • fabri99

    I think they could do good to FCA. We’ll see.

  • Tumbi Mtika


    • Tumbi Mtika


  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    How many other manufacturers will be “quoted” as ready to buy FCA before its fire-sale starts?

    • LWOAP

      Hmmm……let’s see. At least eight.

  • The merger may be worth it, if only for the Jeep and Alfa Romeo brands…all their other marques are garbage…

  • Ettore Fieramosca

    Another fake news considering only The Price bid offer The article complete WrOng. FCA market value is circa 50 billion dollars Not 9 (30% nyse+ 30%FTSEMIB). Only Jeep is valued 30 billion. Is more probable a merger But At The end Will be difficult To know who buy who. Considering that FCA stock market is Long Bull. IF THE STOCK value continue To increase Fromm The merger Will be FCA To buy Hundai.

  • bd

    Hyundai is going to have to have to be careful – only positives in purchasing FCA would be Jeep and Ram and the legacy costs could end up biting them in the long run.

    Don’t see how purchasing FCA would help Hyundai in Europe (in the US, sure with Jeep and Ram).

    H/K is already the largest Asian automaker in Europe by a good measure and with the additions of the Kona, Stonic and other small CUVs/EVs in the pipeline, should only increase their lead.

    H/K has a 6.3% marketshare in Europe which is larger than the 5.4% share Fiat has and doubt that Fiat is making much, if any $$ in Europe.

    There is potential for Jeep to grow in Europe, but right now, Jeep only has a 0.6% share in Europe.

    Hyundai has no need for Alfa or Maserati and Dodge and Chrysler are DOA aside from the Charger and Challenger (which could be kept as “Mopar special vehicles”).

    So there’s not only the legacy costs of FCA, but the challenge of doing away with Dodge/Chrysler dealerships to a smaller # of RAM and Jeep dealerships (which may or may not be paired with a Hyundai dealership depending on the local market).

  • Mikestroh

    Might be good for the company. Not alot of overlap. Can definitely assist FCA with good platforms to create unique Dodge/Chrysler Crossovers sedans and Coupes…..Hmmm


    I don’t know, Hyundai is still finding its way. Would this really be a good idea? I mean, they still have to get Genesis established and on top of that they have the N performance sub brand. Trying to balance that and deal with Lancia, Alfa, Maserati, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Ferrari, and Fiat seems like a tall order. Of course, they could just kill off Dodge, Chrysler, and Lancia for starters and save themselves some trouble. If Fiat, Maserati, and Alfa doesn’t work out, they’ll be gone too.

  • Weller1K

    They could use parts of FCA; Jeep, RAM, Maserati and there is still some value in some markets in Dodge and Alfa Romeo. Fiat is a direct competitor but that hasn’t stopped acquisitions like this in the past (although not on this scale). Lancia, Chrysler and many individual models in other marques would be DOA if Hyundai took over.

    A better party to take over would be Ford with their Chinese JV partners ChangAn and new partner Zotye with ChangAn’s other foreign partners, particularly Suzuki and Mazda as minor partners in the deal. Ford definitely doesn’t want all of FCA, but the economies of scale of linking F-Series production with RAM truck production would be a good move. Gaining access to the Pacifica and Maserati would also be good. Changan and Ford could be equal partners in pushing Jeep, th most valuable part of FCA in reality, into the Chinese and other emerging markets.

    Changan, Suzuki and Mazda would value the ability to rebadge their small cars as Fiats in Europe and Latin America. Changan (and also perhaps Suzuki and maybe even their other JV partner, PSA) could turn Dodge into what Penske considered doing with Saturn back during the GFC, an old well known badge to put on their models in North America and Europe. They could revive Imperial (how appropriate) as their luxury marque. Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Chrysler and the defunct marques could be sold off to other carmakers or in the case of the first two perhaps an Italian private equity concern.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Hyundai JUST launched Genesis, a luxury brand and N, a performance sub-brand, in less time than it’s taken FCA to re-launch ALFA Romeo might I add. They wouldn’t launch an American Luxury brand or even push Italian ones after the hard-ass work it has taken Hyundai to even be actual competition in the mainstream market! They worked hard as hell to get to where they are, and saw what happened when Ford and GM, brands with around 100 YEARS of history at that time, thought they could easily manage something like that. Hyundai shouldn’t risk effort for brands on their deathbeds anyways, Jeep, and some Dodge Challengers.

      I don’t want Hyundai to die.

  • Marc Gruben

    Such a move gives Hyundai a lot more access to European production and distribution. Is it worth the cost? Perhaps… I’ll let the beancounters figure that one out. As for the US, I don’t think we’d see too much change. Hyundai showrooms would remain standalones, Dodge & Chrysler would be eliminated. We’d have Ram / Jeep / Mopar Specialty vehicles under one roof. The odd duck is the Chrysler Pacifica, which could always be rebranded as a Hyundai as they don’t have a minivan now. Alfa & Maserati would either be sold off or reconsolidated with Ferrari. There’s no reason to keep those three brands separate. I’m guessing their combined annual worldwide sales is probably less than what Toyota does in a month.

  • Big Black Duck

    If they are smart…they would just acquire Jeep, RAM and Alfa.. and may be even Dodge…the rest have no brand equity. RAM will give Hyundai a foothold into the pick up truck segment….Alfa will give it some credibility in Europe, Jeep and Dodge will give them bad ass appeal..

    • Shannon Meyers

      Yes…But the Chrysler name should be cheap. And they could rebrand Genesis as Chrysler. So much history. With proper marketing and management Chrysler could be what it was supposed to be all along. Not PT Cruiser and all the cheapo cars sold under that name.

  • Galaxium

    It would be far better to have a Korean company own it than a Chinese one.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Volvo says hi.

      • Galaxium

        I’m not doubting the success Volvo has had, but I (and many others) have problems with giving more Western companies to a still communist and authoritarian country. China still doesn’t recognize patents or properties of other companies.

  • rc

    Hyundai would witness the nightmare of working with union shops. Thankfully it isn’t true, but FCA will be continuing to hurt.

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