Lamborghini Starts Countdown To Urus Debut On December 4

It’s been five years since Lamborghini first revealed the Urus concept, and 24 years since it stopped producing the LM002. That’s a long time to wait for the Bolognese automaker to introduce its new super sport utility vehicle, but the wait is almost over.

The House of the Raging Bull has announced that the Urus will debut in production form – at long last – on December 4 at its expanding headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese. That’s less than three months from now.

“From Ferruccio’s dream of building the perfect car to the first V12 engine, then paving the way to the future by designing models that are ahead of their times,” reads the statement from the manufacturer.

“The Lamborghini Urus redefines possibilities, creating a class of its own: unprecedented SUV performance, luxury and versatility, with the distinctive dynamic design DNA of a Lamborghini super sports car. Driving through a new era.”

Why December 4, specifically? We don’t know; it’s not the date on which the company was founded or the day on which the founder was born. But it does confirm earlier reports indicating the same.

When that glorious day does finally come around, it will set another rung in the ever-escalating ladder of high-end crossovers. The trend that arguably started with the Porsche Cayenne has since ensnared the likes of Bentley, Maserati, and Jaguar, and is slated to soon bring Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, and even Ferrari on board as well.

That’ll put the Urus up against stiff competition, but it stands more than a fighting chance of remaining amongst the most expensive, most powerful, and fastest of them all.


  • BobV12

    SS-UV, italians are getting under the german influence again !

    December fourth as it will be the only day of snow this year in sant’agata ?