Nissan Confirms The Dawn Of A Brand New Frontier

Big news for those who love small trucks: Nissan is doing a new Frontier, and it’s going to make it right here in America.

The current Frontier is one of the longest-running models in the Nissan lineup. It was introduced way back in 2004, and replaced for overseas markets with the new, third-generation NP300/Navara. But the Frontier has soldiered on in its second iteration in North America.

That will finally come to an end, though we can’t say exactly when. All we know at the moment is that it will be built at Nissan’s plant in Canton, Mississippi – the same location where the current model has been assembled since it moved there from Tennessee in 2012.

The Canton plant also produces the larger Titan pickup, NV vans, and Murano crossover. Since its opening in 2003, the facility has assembled over three million vehicles.

“Nissan is proud to call Mississippi home, and the Canton plant is a crucial element in our company’s global production chain,” said Nissan North America chief José Muñoz. “Today’s announcement underscores this facility and our local employees are extraordinarily important to Nissan. The Canton workforce’s dedication and commitment to excellence have helped Nissan thrive in the U.S., our most important market.”

Nissan has sold the current D40-generation Frontier under different names in different markets, and rebadged it as the Equator for Suzuki as well. The newer D23-model Navara, meanwhile, has also yielded the Renault Alaskan and Mercedes X-Class – neither of which are slated to come to North America either. The new Frontier is expected to be an entirely different model.

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  • pjl35

    I mean, this was a given if they wanted to remain competitive years ago. Nissan just better get moving so they aren’t completely forgotten in this segment, but they don’t deserve a pat on the back for FINALLY getting their act together and doing what any smart automaker would be doing (except a smart automaker would have done this at least three years ago).

    • Jason Miller

      They’ve sold 50k of them so far this year which isn’t terrible.

      • pjl35

        with how many incentives, though? The GM twins have already sold more than 20K more (and nearly 110K in 2016 total).

        • Jason Miller

          They’re also not 12 years old so they are expected to sell more. Incentives or not, there is still demand for a simple, cheap truck.

  • Bullitt2605

    Nissan moving at the speed of when we get around to it…

  • Script

    That reminds me of the Patrol/Armada… “entirely different model.” Yeah right. Anyway they know Americans like old pigs with new lipstick.

  • Mickey Jones

    Toyota, Chevy, GMC, Ford … even Honda. Where have you been Nissan? It was a mistake to focus on the Titan at the expense of the Frontier.

  • Mark S

    Nissan should have updated the Frontier and the X-Terra long ago. It has also squandered the Z-Car off to oblivion. These are core models for which the brand is known and they should not be ignored.

  • Harry_Wild

    Wonder what the shortest length model with be? Looking for around 190″ long! Fit in my garage!

  • Charles Weston

    Diesel would be nice!

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