Too Good To Be True? New Bugatti Chiron Listed For €3.49 Million

If you happen to have €3.49 million or about $4.2 million at the current exchange rates lying around, then perhaps we can interest you in a  Bugatti Chiron.

It’s listed for sale on Mobile, and the ad says that it’s not a preorder, as the car is ready for delivery.

This makes it more interesting than the previous ones that were (or still are) offered on the used car market, because paying the sticker price would usually put you on a waiting list.

We’re still taking this piece of information with a few grains of salt, because for whatever reason, the private seller, which is based in Prague, Czech Republic, declined to provide full specifications. However, he does say that potential buyers can find out everything about this particular Bugatti Chiron after contacting him.

As a piece of advice, you might not want to make any deposits before actually seeing the car and taking a good look at the papers, because Bugatti Chirons had been used in the past in attempts to scam businessmen.


  • Blade t

    This is almost double the price of ordering one new….

  • exeptor

    As I’ve said it several times before. Speculations in the super/hyper cars world will kill the actual coolnes of these cars. Why should I care of the bussines of some people whose only intention is to make money. This is exactly the oposite of “petrol head”. I’m out.


  • annon

    yeah OK, he’s based in Prague but “” is a German website

  • brn

    Suddenly, the price of a Ford GT looks reasonable.

    • john1168

      The price of a Ford GT is like a 25 year old, rusted out used beater compared to this… LOL