Wey XEV Concept Arrives In Frankfurt Looking Like A Chinese Model X

Great Wall Motor’s Wey luxury brand has shown its XEV concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Tesla Model X-like vehicle is a plug-in hybrid crossover which features distinctive headlights, gull-wing doors, and aerodynamic alloy wheels. The unique styling continues further back as the concept has an upward sweeping beltline that continues all the way to rear tailgate. We can also see a ventilated rear bumper, a large diffuser, and a wraparound taillight bar.

Wey didn’t say much about the cabin but it has four individual seats which are separated floating center consoles.

Performance specifications were not released but the XEV has a plug-in hybrid powertrain that consists of a conventional engine that powers the front wheels and an electric motor that power the rear wheels. The engine and motor can work independently of each other or together to give the crossover an all-wheel drive system.

Wey claims the concept is equipped with autonomous driving system which allows for “unmanned functions” on the expressway and in urban environments. The system reportedly uses a variety of camera and laser sensors to detect nearby objects and enable the vehicle to have high-tech driver assistance systems such as “automatic cruise control, active lane change [assist], intersection processing, and other basic functions.” The company also says the concept can deal with unexpected situations such as “road repairs and traffic maneuvering.”

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