2018 Mustang GT With 10-Speed Auto Sticker Shows Improved MPG

Despite its 25 extra horses and another 20 lb-ft (27 Nm) of torque, the 2018 Ford Mustang GT is slightly more economical than before.

Thanks to a Mustang6G member, we can now see the official window sticker for the 2018 Mustang GT with the 10-speed automatic transmission, showing the vehicle’s 1 mpg bump in city and combined environments.

The old Mustang GT with the 6-speed automatic used to get 15 city mpg (15.6l/100km), 25 highway mpg (9.4l/100km) and 18 combined mpg (13l/100km), whereas the new model with the 10-speed is good for 16 city mpg (14.7l/100km), 25 highway mpg (9.4l/100km) and 19 combined mpg (12.3l/100km).

This window sticker also shows this car’s $53,160 MSRP, which includes $13,165’s worth of optional extras such as the Enhanced Security package, active valve performance exhaust, GT Performance package, Magne-Ride damping system and of course the 10-speed automatic. The base price is $39,095.

Ford’s updated Mustang also features what the automaker calls “improved touch points”, which means that certain sections of the cabin will feel more upscale to the touch, benefiting from softer plastics.


  • S3XY

    Lol thats terrible

  • guest1


  • SteersUright

    I get that the 2018 is much improved with more safety tech, more power, etc. But $53k for a Mustang that will in no way keep up with a $43k Camaro SS 1LE? Where’s the Mustang’s answer to the 1LE package first of all? Next, who in their right might would buy an ordinary, floppy, somewhat clumsy, too big, comfort oriented GT for $53k when you can have a GT350 for the same price offering a much more exotic driving experience??

    • Six Thousand Times

      I can tell you that after trying both cars on for size, the Mustang was much better value for money even if I had to concede absolute performance to the Chevy. Having said that, $53K is ridiculous. I didn’t pay anything like that in 2016.

      • Vanquish

        yeah the pros would disagree completely, the only area the Mustang has the Chevy beat is in practicality but thats kind of pointless there both big cramped cars. 53k for a Mustang GT that isn’t as fast, sounds like a V6 and doesnt have the performance is crazy but someone will pay it.

        • Six Thousand Times

          As an actual owner, I’ll disagree with you and your “pros.”

      • SteersUright

        I keep hoping for a more “tactile” Mustang or Camaro after my brief stint with a used 911 and used Cayman. The Porsches had this razor sharp accuracy starting with their incredibly instant throttle response, feelsome sharp steering, and amazing grip. They just felt “alive” and totally connected to the driver. Then, the breakdowns began and my heart sank as I saw the repair bills and realized, they’re just too expensive for me to run as daily drivers.
        I love the Camaro and Mustang (V8’s only) for what they are. They remain the only affordable extreme performance car heroes for the average Joe in my book. Here’s my issue though, both have deal-breakers. The Camaro SS 1LE seems to have all the performance and sharpness I’d ever want so, I immediately went to the dealership to sit in one and lo-and behold (coming out of the Porsche 911) I was utterly dismayed that such a massive vehicle could be small inside and damn near impossible to see out of. How on earth can you place a sports car well and drive it with confidence if you can’t see out of it??
        So, I went right over to Ford and test drove a GT with PP (would LOVE a GT350R but too $$$). It wasn’t very sharp, it was kinda soft, felt too large, almost sport-sedan-like and so I left with no clear options at the moment. Mustang had far better visibility (not amazing though), just wish it was smaller and 350lb’s lighter to be that much sharper and closer to a true sports car. However, I may give the 2018 GT a test drive to see if it finally matches the SS 1LE dynamically at least.
        Wow! Sorry for the long reply!!

        • Six Thousand Times

          As a daily driver the Mustang fits me to a T. It does the all around thing awfully well.

  • TheBelltower

    $53k for a Mustang GT? What?

    • James Denz

      Base price for a regular ’18 Mustang GT is about $35,000.00.

      • TheBelltower

        That’s more like it. Once it gets into the mid $40k tier, the money doesn’t seem very well spent. Ford really needs to work on the details to be able to charge this kind of money. Ford spending extra $100 spent on the interior and other various bits would feel like thousands in value to buyers. Then they could achieve a $50k pricepoint without people rolling their eyes. Because underneath, the car is fundamentally excellent.

        • SteersUright

          The issue is, you need all the performance “goodies” to sharpen up the 2018 into a true sports car it seems. To start, you’ll want the Premium version to avoid that pathetic teeny tiny base car infotainment screen and crappy stereo, so figure $39k base. Then, how could you forgo the GT Perf package, valve exhaust (sounds insane fully open in vids), and magneride shocks just like a Ferrari! 🙂 So figure closer to $45k MSRP and likely $42k after some haggling. Still, its a bit too close to a GT350 ($50k) to not require a serious think right there. And it remains to be seen if its any good and can hang with an SS 1LE Camaro.

          • TheBelltower

            Agreed. From what I understand, the magnetic shocks used in Ferrari, Range Rover, Cadillac, etc… is a technology developed by Delco under the GM umbrella before Delco was spun off. From my perspective, the Mustangs that I rent are not worth serious money. No matter how many trinkets and performance crap Ford layers-on. Don’t even get me started o the awful plastichrome and absurd convertible top.

  • LeeJ409

    One way to kill off a vehicle is to price it out of the range of your intended consumer.

    • SteersUright

      Agreed, this will just end up with extreme variations in actual sales prices depending on haggling skills which erodes both resale value and consumer confidence in a brand. Corvettes can regularly be had with $10k+ discounts yet a Porsche 911 can’t be had for $1 less than MSRP. I get that the 911 is an excellent machine, but part of its appeal must also be due to skillful marketing resulting in tremendous brand recognition and admiration. First, Ford should absolutely kill it on making an awesome product at an awesome price, THEN, raise the prices to fatten profit margins, not before. My economic 2-cents anyhow…

  • Six Thousand Times

    I’ve found that my milage tends to vary by how much I lean on the loud pedal. 😉

  • gary4205

    Why does the author THINK GM and Ford co-devolped the 10 cog slushbox if not for improved fuel mileage?

  • Mike82

    In all seriousness and effects of ones ideas of an american muscle car, I am more than comfortable of opening my garage and wallet in order to make space welcoming for the flat plane, exotic sounding, rokus GT350/GT350R but asking $60K for a normal mustang GT that Anyone can walk on a used car lot next year and pick up for $25,000.

    It has a border line anamorphicly stupidiously and elementary element about it either way.

    it really makes you wonder of whomever is in control of pricing, where is their self dignity.

    Such a travesty indeed.

    GET IT???, LOL

    • Vanquish

      thats like those idiots that were making 10k markup on the 15 models how silly do you feel after seeing how much it dropped like all cars if not worse in just one year after you paid over sticker just to be the first with a COMMON car

  • Rocket

    $39,095 is the base price of the GT Premium. The base GT 6MT starts at $35,095, and that’s before negotiating. Sure, I’d add some goodies myself (not the auto), but it’s not a requirement. Even in base form it is one hell of a performance bargain … The best one on the planet as far as I can tell.

    • SteersUright

      Seriously sharpen up the experience (handling, steering, chassis flex, brake feel) probably all accomplished just by dropping 300lbs since it already has awesome hardware, then the Mustang will be THE performance bargain bar-none! 🙂

  • flyfish

    Just rented a 2017 GT with the 6 speed auto, wow what a POS. With all the controls set to Race, the transmission still shifted like every auto I have ever driven. Will the 10 speed have firmer and quicker shifts when in race or sport+ mode?

    • SteersUright

      In the ZL-1 it sounded about as quick as my Porsche PDK, so definitely MUCH improved over the 6-speed. HOWEVER, the reviewer did say it can be confused at times and does seem like just too many gears, so have to drive it to find out. 🙂