Bollinger Says It Has 10,000 Reservations For The Electric B1

Bollinger says it has secured in excess of 10,000 reservations for the all-electric B1 SUV unveiled in July.

At this stage, the startup hasn’t yet shown the B1 in public and instead took the wraps off it at a private event at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan. Come October 31st however, the Bollinger B1 will be presented to the public at the SEMA show.

The B1 has been dubbed “the world’s first all-electric, all-wheel drive, off/on road sport utility truck” and will be sold with either a 60 kWh or 100 kWh battery pack with ranges varying between 120 and 200 miles. The B1 is then driven by an electric motor with 360 hp and 472 lb-ft of torque, enough to achieve a 0-60 mph (96 km/h) time of 4.5 seconds and a 127 mph (204 km/h) top speed.

Beyond being distinct from all of its rivals due to its electric powertrain, the Bollinger is eye-catching because of its boxy shape and lack of almost any kind of curve.

Discussing the vehicle’s positive reception, chief executive Robert Bollinger said the firm is eager to start production.

“I can’t believe we’ve reached this number of reservations so quickly. The media attention from our reveal in July was amazing and the thousands of emails from fans we keep getting are incredible. I think we really built something unique. A lot of people from all over the US and the world want a tough, capable truck that’s also electric and we can’t wait to start production,” he said.



    Boxy…but not to the point of being a visual turn-off.
    I hope it’s successful.
    Then if you would’nt mind…make a full size pick up truck. And I will gleefully write you a check.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Good luck.

  • Bash

    Sorry, But I don’t like how it looks, I cant find any angle to like.

    • Infinite1


  • Howstar

    Poorly modded defender…

  • gary4205

    Another scam.