Hamilton Wins U.S. GP, Mercedes Claim Constructors’ Title

Lewis Hamilton has stormed to victory at the U.S. Grand Prix in Texas, helping Mercedes-AMG Petronas to secure the constructors’ world championship ahead of Ferrari.

The British driver started the race from 1st position on the grid but when the lights went out, Vettel stormed off the line to take the lead heading into turn 1. Despite clearly being slower, Vettel eked out a slight advantage over Hamilton as the Mercedes driver looked to avoid the turbulent air of the Ferrari.

It wasn’t long before Hamilton returned to first position on the track and from then on, he raced ahead and ultimately finished 10 seconds ahead of Sebastian Vettel.

Further down the grid, Kimi Raikkonen, Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen fought hard for the final position on the podium. Verstappen, who started from 16th place after incurring an engine penalty, pulled off a number of remarkable overtakes during the race, none more impressive than his last lap move on Raikkonen to secure third position. Raikkonen ultimately finished fourth and Bottas came home in sixth. However, Verstappen had third taken away from him after the race because he cut a corner to overtake the Flying Finn. Daniel Ricciardo retired with an engine failure.

Hamilton’s win represents his fifth victory at the Circuit of the Americas in just six years, allowing him to move closer to his fourth championship with a 66-point advantage over Vettel.

“A big congratulations to the team. They work so hard back at the factory and here,” Hamilton said during the podium interview.

“I feel great … It has been a humbling experience. It is a dream job. Many people would love to drive an F1 car and I can tell you it is the best experience in the world.”


  • cool

  • PK

    Lewis Hamilton! Best F1 Driver in the World!!!! Yeah there I said it!!!!

    • smartacus

      best car in the world, yeah there i said it.
      if Verstappen had that car…

      • HAMgoHAM

        I think Verstappen is bloody fast. He can be one day called as one of the best drivers ever. But right now I think Hamilton would wipe the floor with him. Largely because Hamilton has tons of experience and he has actually turned into quite an intelligent driver. If you listen to his explanation of what he did in Spa with Vettel. Or how he raced in Austin. Other people were cooking their tires, yet Hamilton had them under control. He could have kept going with the Ultra-Soft, but only pitted because Vettel was closing the gap by pitting early. Most others did 2 stops – Hamilton did 1. Because he was smart with his tires, unlike Vettel or Bottas or Verstappen.

        I remember when he joined F1. I was a fan after the first corner of Australia 2007. I knew he was something else. But he is a lot better today than he was back in 2007. Or even 2010. Back then he had raw speed, but not much experience or intellect. And this is where I think Verstappen is right now.

        He could go fast and overtake in crazy places, but all of those things would be rather risky. So he’d end up ruining his tires or crashing or getting a penalty. Whereas Hamilton would drive smartly.

        Verstappen is a lot faster than Ricciardo, but he is trailing Daniel by a large margin when looking at points. Sure, Max has had a lot of bad luck this year, but… even then, he has often put himself into difficult positions. Maybe he is being too hard on the car. Maybe he has tried to overtake in risky places.

        Hamilton too had plenty of crashes in his early career. I remember an incident with Maldonado. I believe it was in Spain? Can’t recall the year.. maybe 2011 or 2012. Hamilton was leading the race and collided with Maldonado in the last lap… ending in a wall. And you can’t win a title if you crash a lot.

        But maybe I’m wrong… Just thought I’d share my view. 😀

      • PK

        You need a best driver and best car to have that right winning formula. Even if ricciardo were to drive for mercedes but he isn’t the best driver. what would he gain?

        • smartacus

          oh i know. Alonso won in 05/06 because he had the best car

      • Tumbi Mtika

        Bottas was in this race, in that car too. Look where he ended up.

        • smartacus

          Bottas is there to make sure Hamilton’s teammate
          is not anywhere near equal to him.
          Look where Rosberg ended up.

          • Tumbi Mtika

            I don’t agree with that sentiment. Bottas was regarded pretty highly before he joined Mercedes. He isn’t a Palmer. Hamilton just has done a better job.

          • smartacus

            that’s fine.
            Bottas is a great driver,
            he’s born Finnish like Rosberg,
            he used to drive for Williams like Rosberg,
            But he didn’t win his first GP at Williams like Rosberg,
            He wasn’t born into it as the son of Keke like Rosberg,
            He wasn’t a former teammate of Lewis in his pre-F1 career like Rosberg,
            So there’s no danger of him besting his teammate any time soon like Rosberg.

  • Bash

    What is “Constructors Title”?

    • exeptor

      When a team wins the season. In this case Mercedes.

  • Vassilis

    Great race!

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Mercedes. The best or nothing.

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