Ken Block’s Racing Squad To Quit World Rallycross

Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing Division team has confirmed it will leave the World Rallycross Championship at the end of this season.

The outfit entered the sport in 2016 with backing from Ford and hit the grid with two Ford Focus RS RX models. Racing alongside Block was Andreas Bakkerud and while the squad claimed third position in last year’s driver’s championship, 2017 has been less successful.

Both Ford Performance and Block say the decision to stop competing has been made because of uncertainty in how the sport will develop in the future.

“Although we have thoroughly enjoyed competing in the exciting FIA World Rallycross Championship, it’s a natural time for us to take a break as the future of the series takes shape,” global director of Ford Performance Dave Pericak said.

“To continue in WRX would have required the development of a new race car, and with so much discussion happening around the future of rallycross from a powertrain package standpoint, it made sense for us to pause until it’s better defined.”

Block echoed these statements, adding, “Aspects of the sport are up in the air for the future, so putting a lot more money into developing a new race car to try to battle for the championship title just doesn’t make sense right now. It’s certainly disappointing, but that’s how the economics of motorsports go sometimes.”

The other three car manufacturers involved in the sport, Audi, VW and Peugeot, have all shown support for the electrification of Rallycross. Ford was the only firm not to throw its support behind the idea.


  • fabri99

    This is sad. I’m open for an electric rallycross championship, but not as substitute for the traditional rallycross. This year wasn’t too good for Hoonigan Racing, but last year Bakkerud was very close to a championship title. I hope Bakkerud finds himself another seat, maybe in some new team. And I hope next year rallycross will be more competitive than it was this year: VW’s dominance didn’t help and many drivers, in other teams or racing privately, really stood no chance. As a comparison, European Rallycross is much more diverse and competitive. I just don’t want a great motorsport to be turned into something like F1. FIA should really figure out what to do with this sport.

  • gary4205

    No one wants to see an electric racing series. People enjoy racing because of the power, speed, skill needed, AND noise.

    The global warming SCAMMERS are determined to destroy everything.

    • Matt Johnson

      At least there’s Formula E.