McLaren 720S Beats Porsche 918 In Rolling Drag Race

In recent months, we’ve learned that the McLaren 720S is significantly faster and more powerful than even McLaren has claimed. Just how fast? Well, the video below gives you an idea.

This black 720S from McLaren San Francisco recently took to Thunderhill Raceway to compete against a range of the most potent supercars and hypercars released in recent years.

The first race sees the 720S go head-to-head against a 675LT in a rolling race between about 40-45 mph and 145-150 mph. It may be the first variant of the second-gen Super Series but the 720S still manages to easily triumph over the hardcore LT.

Next up is a race against a Ferrari F12tdf and while the Italian supercar has more power (on paper…), the 720S’s lighter overall weight allows it to speed ahead. However, it is the third race which is the most impressive, as the McLaren somehow manages to edge ahead of the mighty Porsche 918 Spyder. As for an encore, the 720S takes on a Bugatti Chiron. You won’t want to miss that.


  • Kaisuke971

    That 720S is something else, these Super Series cars always seem to be one step ahead

  • izzey04

    all about the carbon tub…so light vs the rest

    • Honda NSX-R

      Aero too

  • Status

    It’s not a drag race if it’s done from a rolling start.

    • donald seymour

      Status, bro, please get an account. I know you don’t like participating in the “system” but it makes it better for me to argue with you.

      • Status

        It’s not an issue of not wanting to be a part of a system. I just can’t be bothered to supply more marketing info to discus than what they already have. Sorry man.

    • Shobin Drogan

      It’s still faster than a Tesla p100d from 0 as proven dragtimes videos. So there’s that. Also rolling races are way more relevant considering 90% of the time people floor their cars while it’s already on the move.

      • Status

        Then it’s not a drag race if it has to be done from a roll. You wouldn’t call competitive bobsled or luge a drag race as they need rolling starts.

        Besides, nobody should be racing on the highway anyway, and those that do are assholes.

  • GobbleUp

    Poor video, not a good setup to make any claims.
    The 918 and Bug beat it in real tests.

    At least the tdf sounds good!!

  • Michael Cohen

    It looked like both the bugatti and porsche had horrible starts.

  • Blade t

    Pretty amazing car for the price ,,didn’t look like it pulled the 918 or the chiron….

  • David mcCreery

    Every one of these manufacturers that is in the business of making million dollar hypercars is getting annoyed with this 720s. Not to say that the super wealthy buy these cars purely for performance, but this 720s… man, this thing is disrupting the super car business in a major way. This thing is mind blowing.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      McLaren did say it’s faster than the P1.

      • David mcCreery

        Yeah. It’s just crazy how much McLaren has accomplished with it.

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    McLaren 720S is pretending like Nissan GTR:)
    Nothing can beat it,at the end of the day 720S ll be the winner any way.