Partisan One Aims To Simplify The Military SUV

Form follows function nowhere as clearly as in the military, where vehicles are designed to serve a purpose, not to look pretty. Just look at AM General and its Humvee platform – or this latest design for an even more austere illustration.

It’s called the Partisan One, and it’s the first product from a new German startup that aims to simplify military ground transportation.

As you can plainly see, the Partisan One is simplicity itself, distilling the two-box form down to its barest form. Like the GVT Ox, it’s designed to pack flat in knock-down kits that can be sent – up to five in a standard shipping container – to where they’re needed and assembled on the spot, instead of being shipped as complete vehicles.

The basic frame is fitted with mounting points to which armor plating can be attached, and the manufacturer envisions offering numerous versions, including short- and long-wheelbase models, pickups, even three- and four-axle variants.

Precise specifications have apparently yet to be finalized, but the inherent simplicity of the design means that they could remain in service for decades, allowing for upgrades when needed without needing to replace the vehicle itself. In fact Dr. Juri Postnikov – the Russian-Germany engineer behind Partisan Motors – intends to offer a 100-year warranty on each one it sells, though that’d mean the company would still need to be around in a hundred years to honor it.

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  • Dubble Bubble

    The aerodynamics are just awesome with evidence of how this will just slip through the airstream.
    I also just love the how the “doors” are being held shut. It is a wonder no one else short of being a redneck has thought of this simple yet effective method.

  • Shtekeris


  • salamOOn

    “…Aims To Simplify The Military SUV”

    a.k.a we have welding machine, but no bending machine or hydraulic press at the shop.

  • Pedro Pereira

    Looks like the Geoff from Top Gear.

  • Gerald Michael

    If Legoland had an army.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    I think IKEA is selling these. You can choose your own color as well.

    Maybe market these to ISIS and Al Qaeda?

  • Johnny

    I could have built that as a child with my Meccano set.

  • Bonzomatic

    Is it April 1st? This is obviously a creation of Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

  • Dennis James

    Sexy !

  • Mind Synthetic
  • TrevP


  • Blade t

    Looks hilarious….

  • KiddyToy


  • pureworx

    this is German engineering.. that all the auto press praise so much…

  • Status

    They have rope holding the doors shut.

  • Eder Kambara

    WOW! Finally a Lego car that actually works as a car.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Volkswagen have decided to give the diesel engine one final push in the US market with this ground-breaking new design based on its MQB platform.

  • kachuks

    Ahnuld takes a pass on this one.

  • Maxime01

    ”Wait, I’m not done tying the knot to close the doors!”

  • TheBelltower

    Oh, come on! WTF is this nonsense? I swear, humanity is becoming more and more stupid every day.

  • SteersUright

    100 year warranty…interesting…

  • Akil Hodge

    Hummer H4??

  • Marcin Lewandowski

    are wires holding the doors shut are standard or optional?

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