There’s Now One Less Lambo Aventador SV Roadster In The World

Seeing any Lamborghini in such a condition is bound to jerk some tears out of any supercar fanatic. But this isn’t just any Lamborghini – it’s an Aventador SV Roadster. And Lambo will only ever make 500 of these.

The embodiment of the principle that the money to acquire such an exotic set of wheels doesn’t necessarily come with the skills required to drive it, the owner of this SuperVeloce Roadster appears to have lost control of the vehicle and run it nose first into something immovable.

Now the wreckage is up for auction on Copart, where bidding has (at the time of writing) already reached $131,000. That’s not enough to meet the reserve price, but there’s still almost two weeks to go before the auction closes.

The bigger question is whether the damage can be effectively repaired. Given the Aventador’s carbon-fiber monocoque construction, we have our doubts. Which only makes its wreckage that much sadder, especially given this model’s scarcity. Here’s hoping the owners of the new Aventador S Roadster take better care of theirs.

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  • gary4205

    Anything can be fixed.

  • Six_Tymes

    that sucks, shame it was an SV

  • Blade t

    Some shop will fix it and make a profit….

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    It’s still here…right here in your pics….see it??

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Nice color though.