Yes, Audi’s New A8 Is The Most Tech Savvy Car In Its Class

If there were any doubts Audi would take the lead in the full-size luxury saloon segment when it comes to advanced technologies, this in-depth review of the all-new Audi A8 should put all of them to rest.

Before we applaud Audi for what they’ve managed to do with this car, we should acknowledge that this is the way things usually go when it comes to Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz battling for supremacy.

It’s always the last model to enter the ring that has the most advanced tech on-board, so it’s never really about any of the other companies falling behind, but rather a general direction in which all three automakers are headed.

So where does the all-new A8 fit into all that? According to Carwow‘s Mat Watson, it has everything it needs in order to out-duel the 7-Series and the S-Class. To be fair, he does acknowledge that the car doesn’t look tremendous in its entirety, as certain angles make it seem less imposing than its main rivals – we can certainly understand where he’s coming from.

However, once you climb on-board, you’re immediately bombarded with luxury from every direction. Materials, ergonomics, gadgets and comfort – everything’s been designed to help the A8 get the upper hand on its competitors.

As for its performance and safety features in particular, let’s just say you’re going to see a couple of demonstrations in this review that will leave you longing for Audi’s new flagship.


  • Adi

    It’s funny how car reviewers used to criticze cars with this “buttonless” design but now when Audi does it they praise them for inovation.

    • botornot387

      it does depend on the approach, however, and he didn’t heep exceptional praise on it. Audi listened and watched obviously and included a volume knob which was the thorn of many earlier systems that were buttonless. Also with the hapitc feedback and click, this is a step forward for the touch screen. Not saying i am a fan. TBH, i would rather have the rotary knob personally, but this was clearly going to be the direction of the industry especially with Tesla doing it and smartphones being touch oriented. Not to mention, this is just another step in the direction of autonomous vehicles.

      • Adi

        Haptic feedback is useless. You have to take your eyes off the road because you don’t have any physical refernece to where the button is. I’m not a big fan of this design but paradoxically I own a car that has everything controlled through touch screen. I have to set everything before I go because for example if I want to adjust the temperature I have to be on a straight road with no cars in front of me. I don’t get why reviewers make such a big deal out of the volume knob. My car has it but I always adjust the volume with buttons on the steering wheel.

        • botornot387

          i get what you are saying. Like i said its a step in the right direction, however, i would take the rotary knob over it any day. The volume knob i get from journalists considering if you have ever used Cadillac Cue or an older lincoln system its frustrating. Yes you can do it from the steering wheel, but when a passenger does it with those controls, it can be jarring. (coming from a former CUE user)

        • Cobrajet

          You are mean’t to used steering wheel controls for that now.

    • Cobrajet

      Because those cars has cheap and rubbish interiors, even with buttons.

  • marioGTI

    Blahh……I want toggles and switches, boring!

  • no25

    it’s still overly chromed, has too large of a front grille, a bland stance, a Lincoln rear end, and an interior full of finger prints.

  • OdysseyTag

    The hate this car gets is pretty unjustified.
    Looks: Depends, obviously
    Everything else: No

    Anyways, I’m sure once the S and 7 come out with tit-for-tat tech pricing and dare I say looks, this won’t be scapegoated as much.

  • alexxx

    It has nothing on S class nor 7 series…to bland and similar to lesser models…

  • salamOOn

    fingerprint and dust magnest everywhere inside this car + dangerous operation with touchscreens only = huge FAIL in user ergonomy and experience.

    and its the same with new panamera, volvo or range rover…. i hope this trend will end as soon as possible.

    • Jenn

      Sorry to pick on you to be the one to vent, but I’m just tired of this kind of complains. Tell me, do you have a flip phone still or do you have a smart phone? Do you use a tablet or are you still using a laptop to lug around your stuff? Get with the ages, people.

      • salamOOn

        i dont need flashy interior, i need interior that is safe and ergonomic fiendly to operate during driving…. safety is the number one priority, not nice catalogue photos….

  • Christian Wimmer

    I like it. It’s conservatively styled but still handsome, elegant and subtly sporty. People in this class expect this.

    The interior is amazing.

    • Mike Sinyaboot

      Exactly. The only thing I am not a fan of is the switch to touchscreens. I switched from a GTI to an S3 and the dial in the S3 was a huge advantage. It does seem that the A8 allows the driver to control every function via voice. Most functions can also be controlled via the steering wheel controls and the virtual cockpi and HUD.

      As you said, the A8 is conservatively styled. It appeals to customers that don’t want anything crazy. Audi would not have spent hundreds of millions on this new model without doing significant market research. They know what their customers want. The tech is this car is ridiculous. The way the car raises itself for a side collision is amazing.

  • sidewaysspin

    But just look at it, the front looks like a prison gate or something, the wheels tiny and in poor design, the overall design simple and vulgar, the only thing to mention must be the quality since there’s nothing else.

  • StrangerGP


  • SteersUright

    Once a rolling flagship of beautiful bauhaus design, the A8 has evolved inexcusably into an utterly boring bigger VW Passat.

  • getoffme

    Does it come with a micro fiber cloth?

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