2018 Infiniti QX80 Facelift Revealed With More Upscale Design

Infiniti has given us an early glimpse at the 2018 QX80, ahead of its debut at the Dubai International Motor Show on November 14.

Previewed by the QX80 Monograph concept, the facelifted QX80 has a more upscale appearance as it features a new front fascia with a more prominent grille. The SUV has also been equipped with new headlights, revised air intakes, and less gaudy front fender vents.

Out back, there are restyled taillights and an updated rear bumper. The tailgate has also been redesigned and features a single strip of chrome trim. 20-inch wheels will come standard but 22-inch wheels will be also be available.

Unfortunately, the interior largely carries over and isn’t that much different from the Nissan Armada. Despite the déjà vu design, drivers will find new wood trim, redesigned cup holders, and revised instrument panel lighting. Infiniti also added additional insulation, black carpeting, and an updated rear seat entertainment system with larger displays.

As reported by Car&Driver, power reportedly comes from a familiar 5.6-liter V8 engine that produces 400 hp (298 kW) and 413 lb-ft (560 Nm) of torque. It is connected to a seven-speed automatic transmission which can be paired to an optional four-wheel drive system.

Post has been updated with official images. Thanks to Omar for the tip!

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  • xDRAN0x

    whats the cx on this brick on wheels

    • fabri99

      Japanese people have been driving around in cubes since the beginning of time and are not complaining, so get in Infiniti’s new parallelepipedon and stop crying!

  • Why

    Why didn’t they update the Interior? Even Its Japanese rival the LX received an extensive interior update in its last I’d.

    • jaykit

      Yep. That center stack reminds me of an MP3 player circa 2003.

      • BGM

        Friend you took the thought right out of my head.

  • TrevP

    Looks good! Thought it would be more of a redesign than that tho.

    • Jay

      Same here.. I agree that it does look good though.. I wish the QX70 would have gotten some updated head and taillights like these before they killed it off..

  • KSegg

    I think it needs to be even bigger.

    Why stop here?

    Put 5 row seats, 6 wheels, a pool, helicopter pad, and allow the doors to become Transformer arms to physically move cars smaller than it out the way while at speed.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      And wheel spikes and flamethrowers. Can’t forget those.

  • Honda NSX-R

    It doesn’t look ugly anymore, thank god.

  • Enter Ranting

    Looks like a giant pile of Silly Putty.

    • WTF

      LMAO Classic

  • Erzhik

    It’s not even out yet and already outdated. Infiniti really, really needs a new designer.

  • Bash

    Hardly a facelift to me.. it looks nice, but not enough to go against the big luxury SUV offerings from the rivals. The new navigator for example looks so much advanced and fresh while this looks the same!!!

    • TrevP

      I agree! But I think they could have gotten away with it if they had re-designed the interior

      • Bash

        Exactly, that interior is a disappointment, kinda thinking infinity has over promised and under delivered here.

  • Lloyd Anthony D Peters

    HOLY HELL. What a missed opportunity. Seriously.

    Look. I know it’s hard to make these big SUVs look beautiful. But with this outside of the new front and back, it looks EXACTLY the same as the old one. And exactly the same as the Armada. Which is sad. I know Infiniti is just a lux arm of Nissan. But surely, they could have captured some of the brute style and presence of that Monolith concept. It’s just a loaded Armada to me. And that’s just shit. Because Infiniti/Nissan can do SO much better. I’ll take the GLS over this.



    • Rocket

      They definitely “over-sold and under-delivered” on this one. I still like it, but not because it’s so “fresh”.

  • WTF

    still looks silly and to close to the nearly identical Nissan version inside and out never understood the point of these Infiniti doesnt really have much prestige why spend thousands more for a car that looks identical with a different badge and the exact same interior styling its just lazy. At least GM, Ford, Toyota all gave their luxury versions of their full size suvs a different dashboard and interior layout

  • Nick099

    This is just fugly.

  • An Existing Person

    I’m really disappointed this isn’t a new design completely, but i’m not going to deny that I still like it.

  • SteersUright

    Outdated interior, chassis, engine, everything… Infiniti is a sad brand these days. The lost luxury trio: Infiniti, Acura and Cadillac.

  • Rocket

    Handsome, but not “gotta have it” so. I’d still choose the Armada. Too bad it’s such a gas hog. The new Expedition is in another league. I know there’s an attitude that if you can afford it, you don’t care about fuel economy, but that simply isn’t true.

  • pjl35

    This is embarrassing.

  • ediotsavant

    Infiniti needs to do much better than this revision. The “Angry Birds” look must go. The dashboard needs a serious redesign, looks like a Nissan.

  • Navy P. Morroccan ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I would still rather have the all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator than this significantly restyled, but dated QX80 with a revised headlamps and certain body panels. This has Nissan written all over it with an Infiniti badge.

  • Nordschleife

    Infiniti to the surprise of no one. I knew this would be disappointing. You didn’t even update the damn interior. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d053622b81daf89cd641fc51497e3373b6e4e3bb6906c3bc618c83e7a5e8c878.gif

  • botornot387

    Why bother…

  • BlackPegasus

    Welp, it’s still a better value than any Range Rover. And 10X more reliable 😏

  • TheBelltower

    An incremental improvement to a completely tasteless SUV.

    • no25

      BAHAHAHAH please tell me this is sarcasm


    this is nissan armada but with extremely aged design

  • Paul

    OMG it’s still ugly as sin but now it looks like it is glaring at you too.

  • Trackhacker

    This is one the biggest school bus I have seen LOL.

  • no25

    What was the point of the concept then? To tease a facelift? Really? This is so underwhelming. The concept lost the bulge, and actually looked good. This is still ugly with a dated interior.

  • NissLover

    I can’t believe they did not update the interior!!!!! COME ON!!!! They could have AT LEAST updated the damn center stack and gauges!!! Definitely an over-promise situation. I knew it was going to be a refresh but for them to basically not touch the interior… Smh.

  • Emoto

    My g-d, these are hideous vehicles.

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