All-Electric Tesla Semi Priced From $150,000

A week after the Tesla Semi was unveiled by Elon Musk in California, pricing details for the all-electric semi-truck have been announced.

Sitting at the base of the range is the 300-mile (480 km) version, starting at $150,000. For private customers and fleet operators looking for more flexibility, the 500-mile (800 km) variant is expected to start at $180,000.

Upon debuting the Tesla Semi, Musk said the truck could be reserved for $5,000. However, updated prices reveal that a base reservation of $20,000 is now required. In typical Tesla fashion, a Founders Series will also be made available to customers, priced at $200,000 and requiring the full price as a reservation.

When fully packed with an 80,000 lbs load, the Tesla Semi will accelerate to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 20 seconds. With the trailer removed, that time drops to five seconds, significantly quicker than a comparable diesel semi-truck.


  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    does anyone know how much a normal semi cost ?

    • The new cab can run from $50K – $100K + and up depending on how many goodies you equip the cab…a trailer can run up to another $100K…so this is very price competitive…

    • donald seymour

      So, 150 base is pretty competitive.

    • Hi I am Zako

      Wondering how many people have this question in mind when seeing this post lol. Including myself

  • David

    Is it tractor only or the trailer as well for 150k? Can this tractor pull regular trailers?

    • TheBelltower

      The cab only. The box trailers are universal and fit on the back of any cab. These are just shown color matched to the cab.

      • David

        Thanks for the clarification it makes sense.

  • Sébastien

    Well at 5s it also outperform a modern GTI (Not just the diesel semis)
    But not sure what the point is to be so quick, fragile goods will not like it

    • Mike Sinyaboot

      The 5-seconds to 60mph is without a trailer/load. It’s acceleration while not hauling a load is simply due to the torque of its 4 motors and 1000kw+ battery pack. As the article states, the 0-60mph with a full 80,000lb load is 20 seconds.

      • eb110americana

        To add to that, the point is fully loaded, towing up a steep grade, say in the desert to Vegas, this thing will more than hold its own.

      • Sébastien

        Your point is? It’s still numbers that do not make sense for haulers, I mean great that it can, but let’s hope the ‘chile out’ mode will be included

  • europeon

    Still no article about how Tesla burns through $0.5 mil every hour?


    • You have Opel and a bunch of other companies doing that for decades, even though they are not really start-up companies. Unhappy that a company finally innovates and spends money on R&D rather than marketing while working on the same old technology since a century? Without Tesla and Dieselgate (highly related) we would still be in the stone age of car manufacturing.

      • Dariush

        i dislike the cult of Musk just like the next guy, but Tesla is undeniably the first company in decades to bring excitement back in the car industry…

        • Status

          Pretty much. I won’t have anything to do with the Musk cult. But for Tesla, there hasn’t been this much of a shakeup industry wide since Lexus was launched.

        • jsz00

          Excitement? No exhaust sounds and no manual transmissions, plus poor driving dynamics is excitement to you?

          • Status

            Going slower with a manual isn’t fun.

          • Dariush

            some people find exciting being handcuffed to a bed and being peed on.

      • europeon

        Implying that Opel and the others get a pass…

        Tesla is in the stone age of car manufacturing – no innovation whatsoever. People are too blind to see, but the real innovation happens with the ICEs.

        • ICE is dead. All the investments are being shifted to battery electric innovations. The largest car manufacturers are taking the last orders for their ICE’s and then it’s over. Volvo gave up on diesels, the rest will follow suit as sales are on a massive downwards trend, and then comes the last nail in the petrols coffin. Look up the trends and draw the same conclusions.

          • europeon

            We still have a looooooong way till the ICEs will have their swan song.

          • No, not in the developed world. Norway is an example how rapidly things will change. Once (the developed part of) Europe gets their 350kwh chargers and more models to choose from it will happen within 10 years time. 2030 and ICE will be past tense in Europe.

          • europeon

            Oh right, all the ICE research in development is taking place in the third world.
            I sometime wonder where people like you come from, and how they ended so isolated in their bubble (not to call it ivory tower).

          • Most innovation happens in the developed world, ICE or otherwise. You are missing the point. Merc, Audi, VW, BMW all shifted their ICE R&D budgets to electric R&D. We are talking about billions of Euros, and that’s just the beginning. Merc is nearly hiding their little “d” standing for diesel on their cars, they are so ashamed of it. See the trend and forget about what you like or don’t like.

          • SteersUright

            20-30 years per last estimation, even OPEC admits to as much. Not all that long in terms of industry forecasting. It is for us people though, we’ll be 30 years older and probably not give a damn! lol

  • MarketAndChurch

    I would love to buy this and convert it into a regular truck. I wonder if it has 360 degree camera coverage to make it easier to move around in a parking lot.

  • MJack

    So those real wheel coverings will have to go for production model. First time they hit snow or someone has to chain up this thing will be useless. You need open space around the real wheels for the snow to expel otherwise it’ll bunch up and cease. And if you’re laying down chains you need full access. All that to say…those covers in their current state are great for drag reduction and likely improves mileage. But that’s not real world…

    • Status

      During the press launch, there was smaller black truck shown without the skirts.

  • Trackhacker

    I rather support Volvo trucks.

  • Dustin

    Pricing announced? What a joke.

    One week ago Musk himself said the reservation was $5000; one week later it’s $20,000. They can’t get that figure correct within one week’s time, but we are to believe the starting price for a vehicle years away from production?

    How about getting Model 3s into the hands of people who already paid for them. (Another vehicle whose starting price does not match the originally stated amount.)

  • SteersUright

    Center seating and massive screens with surround cameras should make this truck much more of a joy to pilot for the drivers too, I’d think.

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