How Far Can You Drive With A Fuel Gauge Reading 0 Km?

Owning a car that tells you exactly how much range it has left can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you’re prone to delaying refueling for as long as possible.

On a mission to see just how accurate the predicted range of a car is, Australian comedians and radio hosts Hamish and Andy jumped behind the wheel of an Audi SQ5.

The duo commenced their test as soon as the Audi’s range dropped to 0 km and didn’t expect to be on the road for much longer. They were very wrong.

As the minutes ticked by, the punchy SUV continued to soldier on, storming past the 20 km (12 mile) and 50 km (31 mile) marks. Remarkably, the SUV kept on going, eventually coming to a halt some 111.9 km (69.5 miles) after indicating it had a range of 0 km.

Importantly, it’s worth noting that the test was carried out at highway speeds and city driving wouldn’t have allowed for such a generous range. What’s more, running your car’s tank to empty isn’t recommended, as it can damage the fuel pump.


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    Always hated of VW group only shows you increments of 5 on the fuel gauge near empty. Is it very much more expensive to do it by increments of 1 like BMW? Not only that, but BMW recalculates depending on how heavy you are on the throttle and allows you to actually gain range. It’s just piece of mind instead of white knuckling it to the station.

    • xDRAN0x

      Look at Subaru’s horrible fuel gauge.

    • TheHake

      VW does that as well (allow you to gain range depending on how you use the throttle).

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    Clickbaity titles might bring more views for the moment, but on the long run you will lose a lot.

    “How Far Can You Drive an SQ5 With a Fuel Gauge Reading 0 Km?” would have been the title of my choice, because… you know… cars are different.

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        SQ5, corrected the typo 🙂

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  • Bash

    In my 2014 Charger SRT, I can drive 43km from the moment it shows 0 on the Fuel Gauge.
    And this is Fact.

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      On a charger, the Fuel Gauge shows 0 after only 100km… 😉

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        Ha Ha Ha

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  • Subi-Rubicon1

    What I would like to know is if there are damages to the vehicle when you do this? If any?

    • europeon

      Probably the fuel pump will need a replacement, as it uses fuel to cool and lubricate its internals, but most pumps have safety mechanisms nowadays.


    50 miles according to Car Throttle.

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    I can’t believe this hasn’t been referenced:

    The video is very similar.