McLaren 720S Is Finally Beaten In A Drag Race, But By What?

It’s obvious by now that not even an all-wheel drive Italian exotic, whether it be stock, supercharged or even twin-turbocharged, can slay the mighty McLaren 720S, which is definitely a lot more powerful than it lets on.

During a recent dyno test earlier this month, a stock 720S managed to put down 691 WHP, which could translate into roughly 770 to 800 HP at the crank, maybe even a bit more.

So to see it demolish anything it comes across shouldn’t really be all that surprising. Let’s include 1/4 mile times in this statement, since the 720S managed to cover the distance in just 9.7 seconds.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, you’re probably wondering what on Earth could have beaten the 720S in a straight line, especially the way it happened – catching up to it and passing it at high speed.

Well, let’s just say it’s a very similar type of car, mostly stock, though rocking Fabspeed high flow cats and custom exhaust system.


  • Six_Tymes

    those raccoons are fast. I still hate the headlights and the cheesy flip up dash

  • TheHake

    Very corny…

  • Dariush

    the 720 is the first McLaren since F1 i find desirable!

  • Somehow, this might be the first car I didn’t like the design at first, and kinda like now.

  • Bo Hanan

    It takes one to take one down.

  • Eric Setiawan

    A set of high flow cats + freer flowing exhaust system is the winner… Wow what an eye opener! #sarcasm xD
    The difference is quite a lot more than one would’ve thought tho…

  • latrell acquaye

    its a Ferrari 488 look at the vents on the mirror

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