2018 Citroen Berlingo And Peugeot Partner Vans Get 3008’s Upscale Interior

The latest spy shots of the PSA Group’s next Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner twins allow us to take a peek inside the new van for the first time.

These reveal a very un-van-y interior as it appears that PSA is going to use the same “i-Cockpit” design philosophy that kickstarted with the Peugeot 3008.

As you can see, the dashboard features the infotainment system on top of the central air-vents, with the gear lever positioned higher and closer to the steering wheel.

The existing generation of PSA’s LCVs has been around since 2008, making them the oldest models in the segment. The new ones will apparently feature more of everything, including better fuel economy, bigger dimensions and of course more volume for loading stuff. Payloads are expected to increase, with reports suggesting the new LCVs to offer at least one tonne.

Also the new generation of the Citroen Berlingo/Peugeot Partner will gain another identical sibling in the form of the Opel/Vauxhall Combo. All three models are expected to distance themselves from one to another, with different lights all around, front fascia and possible some interior touches. The vans are also expected to feature the 1.2-liter three-cylinder PureTech petrol unit as well as a new 1.5-liter HDI diesel engine.

All three models will be produced at PSA’s Vigo factory in Spain, with their debut set around spring 2018, possibly at the Geneva Motor Show.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops



    So this time, judging by the interior leading role taken Peugeot. Its bit worries because last two gens was developed by Citroen, and they looked really good in Cintroen shape, but not in the Peugeot. Otherwise, Berlingo-Partner is my favorite LCV

  • Ilbirs

    For now, what can be commented about this LCV is:

    1) Looks like it will have four rolling down windows:


    It happened to the second-gen Doblò and PSA would be disadvantaged if the pop-out windows of the current generation were kept in the next one. Considering the Opel context and the fact that the current Combo isn’t nothing more than a rebadged Doblò, it’d be even worse for the ones used to this feature when considering a next vehicle of the same brand;

    2) Waiting to know what platform will underpin it: the EMP2 used in a lot of models (including the LCVs one step higher, like Traveller/Expert and Spacetourer/Jumpy) or the soon to be released CMP (as modular as the EMP2 but directed to smaller models). For now let’s leave the side profile to be compared to the EMP2s to see if there are styling similarities conditioned to the base that is being used:





    It must be remembered that the CMP will be produced in more plants and regions of the world than EMP2 is being now. As a Berlingo/Partner/Combo is more marketable than their bigger siblings in PSA’s lineup, maybe a CMP incarnation would be a better fit to worldwide pretentions than an EMP2 one

    • KareKakk

      I wondered about those rear sidewindows too… the button panel on the drivers door seems to have four window buttons behind the mirror buttons.

      • Ilbirs

        It’s a feature that when the first one put, people in general will ask why all other models weren’t like this since the roots of the segment. Doblò has these in its second generation and now this feature generates pressure on other automakers to put it on their products of the same segment, as it’s an important sales argument. I forgot on the previous comment, but Kangoo II has this feature too, at least optionally.
        Four rolling down windows give to a light commercial vehicle of this size more sensation of a passenger car and also inspire more people to entertain the option of having one of these models as an everyday car, specially considering how roomy they are and the fact that they don’t use to be bloated as current conventional passenger cars are being.

    • 2sfhim

      It will be EMP2, CMP is for smaller models and still not finished as far as I know.

      • Ilbirs

        The maximum achievable size for a platform depends on how flexible it is to reach it. PF1, the base soon to be succeeded by CMP, can assume sizes that are compatible with the lower edge of the C-segment:


        Remember that the restyled Cactus replaced the C4 in its hatchback version. When still looking at PF1, we can remember that PSA achieved almost the size of an A3 Sedan when the car is the 301/C-Elysée:


        Must be remembered that PF1 is a long standing base in PSA stable, dating its roots back to the 206, that used an incomplete version of it, as it used some parts similar to the ones used by Citroën Saxo and Peugeot 106. The first full-blooded PF1 was the first-gen C3, launched in 2002 and since then we had a plethora of models underpinned by it and ranging from the A-segment C2 to the 301/C-Elysée. Why so long time with the same base and why releasing new models on it? Maybe the original proposal of the architecture was good to go beyond what it was originally destined without major problems, as can be seen by the bigger models using it. Maybe PSA even considered to make LCVs onto it but gave up when realized that a Nemo and a Bipper could be a rebadged Euro-spec Fiorino/Qubo, taking advantage from the deal signed with Fiat. In current auto industry, the only other base that I remember to be as versatile as PF1 is GM’s Gamma II, none of them considered to be on the same pantheon of MQB, TNGA, EMP2, CMA etc.
        If a platform that wasn’t thought to be able to be transformed in different models since its beggining like EMP2 could and is still giving birth to a wide array of them (see the recently released Opel Crossland X and C3 Aircross, both PF1), imagine what can come from the CMP if we consider the fact that it’ll be a base designed since its conception to spawn an even wider variety of types than what we see in PF1. Remember that the deal with Fiat, now FCA, is coming to an end and there’s also the fact that Dongfeng, sharer of PSA and partner of PSA in China, will want to make some own-badging models on it, meaning that this base has to consider this ample usage. CMP will also be made in more plant around the world than what we see with EMP2, for now restricted to Europe and China.

        Because of this, I consider a valid point to question if this new Berlingo/Partner/Combo is something from EMP2 or CMP. It can even be the model that premieres CMP to the world if we don’t receive a confirmation that is another interpretation of EMP2.

  • Bash

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    • KareKakk

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      • Bash

        lol, come on, its a good site!

      • uS’gedlemba

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  • Marty

    Yay! Digital photo frame from 2004 glued onto the dash! Upscale!

    (Phew, complaining about ugly touch screens in car interiors is becoming a full-time job for me. So much work to do.)

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