Alfa Romeo’s Working On New Giulietta And 4C

With the Giulia and Stelvio, Alfa Romeo has properly revitalized its product portfolio. And it’s said to have a new, larger crossover in the pipeline too. But what will come after that?

According to the latest reports, the Italian automaker is looking at two new vehicles: one to succeed the Giulietta, and the other, the 4C.

“In order to complete the Alfa range of products,” Alfa’s chief technical officer Roberto Fedeli told Auto Express, “we need another couple of pillars – something in the C-Segment and then obviously a sporty product, a very sporty product.”

The Giulietta could use a shortened version of the Giulia sedan’s platform, which would ostensibly mean it’d be rear-wheel drive – rare territory for C-segment hatchbacks, following similar formula to the BMW 1 Series hatch. But Alfa (and FCA) would need to ascertain whether a re-entry into that segment would be worthwhile.

The company has been moving away from unprofitable small cars, having in recent years discontinued the Dodge Dart, Chrysler 200, and Lancia Delta. “it’s very difficult to make a profit,” Fedeli said about the segment.

As for the 4C, an update is in the works – but the company is looking beyond that to the long-term future of the model. “We make some small modifications but then we have to decide if we want to install different engine, or switch the architecture. As you can imagine we have some options, we are working on more than one option.” However it turns out, Fedeli says it won’t have a manual transmission – which is sad news for purists.

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  • JBsC6

    Sad that the quadropholio (sp) sedan and cuv lap tracks faster than the rear mid engine 4c. The 4 c is cool but lap time comparisions are not as competitive as it should be. A 355 to 400 hp turbo four would better serve.

    • The problem is they don’t have small engine that can produce that much of a power, current 4C chassis can’t be updated to receive a bigger engine than 4 cylinder.

      • Michelin

        That’s wrong, because Alfa has 2.0 turbo engine of Alfa Giulia Veloce with 280 Hp. and they are studying to put it on 4C ! If they wont they can improve its power over 300 hp.

        • Still no sign if they gonna put that engine on 4C. The last time there is a rumor about higher performance 4C is using the massaged version of the 4C 1,75 litre up to 1,8 and potentially has bigger turbo.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    but they axe the MITO surely a sporty supermini is needed too ?

    • Bob

      I think Fiat should take over that segment. They’ve made interesting cars in the past (a very long time ago arguably) and Fiat should be the one taking on VW. Alfa just needs to take the place that BMW has forsaken in trying to take on Mercedes Benz.

      • The FCA product arrangement is still a bit of mess, we can see the supermini segment is differentiate with Panda as the “entry level” cars, 500 as the “lifestyle” car and the MiTo is the sporty offering while Lancia were supposed to be luxury. But with Lancia axed and MiTo is potentially gone. So we lack the sporty supermini segment.

        • Bob

          It really is a mess but this is the opportunity to resolve that. FCA seems mostly reactionary and they don’t, to me, seem to be riding their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses enough.

          VAG is a better (but not perfect) example of a more rational product arrangement. Is Lancia really a luxury brand as well? Where Alfa has the opportunity to take BMWs place, Lancia, in my mind, has the opportunity to go for Audi instead. This may ultimately pitch Alfa and Lancia against each other but the larger fight will be against the Germans.

          • Totally agree, it seems that FCA is still relying on their strength too much and even so I still can’t see whether the Fiat bread and butter, Panda and 500 is having a replacement. Even they don’t think much of the future of their example.

            I think that Lancia/Chrysler merger should happened, and that they both can work on luxury levels. Instead the latest we got from Chrysler is Pacifica, which although it’s a big seller leaves no other model to compete except ancient 300.

          • That Redman Guy

            I agree, and besides, Lancia and Chrysler has been merger with each other for years.

          • Sadly the collaborations is little more than re badging Lancia Product as Chrysler in UK and Chrysler product in EU.

            The planned Chrysler badged Lancia is eventually canceled.

  • Matthew Raworth

    All 3 of the new models will be available by the year end of 2032, followed shortly after by a replacement for the Giulia which will be available by 2040

    • LeStori

      Not far from the truth…
      I buy a new Alfa Romeo around every 10 years on average. Their refreshes are usually not worth the bother and their replacement models are so far apart that once you buy one, you find it difficult to upgrade.
      Example the current Giulietta (I own a QV) was released in 2010. Apart from an integrated SatNav and the loss of a manual option, there is little to make me want to update my current car. In fact as I prefer a manual, there is even less reason to update. This is also the major stumbling block for me, personally, buying a Giulia.

      As for replacement of the Giulietta. I will believe when I see it.

    • LWOAP

      That’s way too long IMO.

      • Matthew Raworth

        wait till you hear when the MiTo is getting replaced

      • Michelin

        May be, but my Alfa Giulietta is still current, if I bought a Golf or a Civic now I could drive the old model, because avere 5 years they change design.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    The devil is a fucking liar.

    And to be honest, I’m getting **REALLY** sick of ALFA’s bullshit right now.

    • Michelin

      Dear Tumbi, do you work for Japan or korean carmaker ? Your comments are ever full of stereotyps about italian cars ….

      • It’s his freedom he can say whatever he likes as long it’s not attacking comment like you did.

        And it’s not about Alfa being stereotypes but it’s being Marchionne keeps making new plan for FCA every 6 months.

        • Michelin

          Some years ago Chrysler group was dead and FIAT Group was dying.
          If they are still alive and vital, and they lunch new interessant cars is also thanks Marchionne’s management.
          As you know, in car industry nobody change plans every 6 months. Even Marchionne.
          It is wrong to confuse single press externalization with concrete strategie of a big group like FCA

          • Press report doesn’t come out from nowhere, the fact that there are a lot of changes within FCA plans in the past few years and we all know about it.

            The MX-5, it was supposed to be badge as Alfa but then Marchionne move it to Fiat, While Alfa spider supposed to be using Giulia architecture, but it’s now been push for second Alfa SUV.

            Maserati supposed to use Grand Cherokee platform for Levante but instead using Quattroporte paltform. And GranTurismo supposed to be canceled and replace by Alfieri but now they said they will doing both.

            That’s just example how plans got change over and over again, are you going to accuse me working for other car company now 🙂

      • Tumbi Mtika

        No, I don’t.

        And I’m sorry you can’t take off your rosso-colored glasses off and understand that there is clearly something wrong with how Alfa and Maserati are operating right now. And I’m pretty sure if I didn’t give a fuck, and just want to stereotype, I’d leave a comment with less substance.

        Don’t insult me. Or my intelligence.

  • Gerald Michael

    Meanwhile over at Chrysler and Dodge…

    • Chrysler is left with Pacifica and Dodge is stuck with Hellcat everything.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Ehh… I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Ilbirs

    If we’ll have a new Giulietta and this one in RWD flavor, Alfa Romeo will catch some audience that will be orphaned when BMW replaces the 1-Series, as the new one will be a FWD model. Maybe it’s time for also the so-rumored sub-Stelvio CUV to be launched also.

    • europeon

      And what an audience would that be! All of the 15 people in the entire world that actually know the 1-series is RWD.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Sadly, there is also that.

  • Frank Yoster

    ohh great wasting more money on cars nobodys gonna buy.smh

    • Six Thousand Times

      We can hear the rattle when you shake it.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I’m glad. More sports cars are always welcome.

  • It’s not that small cars is unprofitable, it’s just they keep making a rather average or bad cars, I mean they can do Panda and 500 which is a rather good cars.

    And for the 4C, I guess they really need to hire someone to re do the dynamics.

    • Michelin

      Panda and 500 are product form Poland, Serbia etc.
      Little FIATs Will be Made outsider Italy, like Brazil, Turkey, etc.
      Italian Plants need bigger products, like Levante, STELVIO, Giulia, etc.
      For the same reasons VAG and Opel produce Polo and Corsa in Spain, not in Germany…
      Next year you will see the new 4C

      • So? I’m not talking about where they came from? I’m merely stating that FCA small cars need a revamp.

        You know, the problem with your comment is that you think you are right and everyone is wrong. And when you want to argue you just stating some random facts or attack the person personally. If you want to be involved with community you can do it politely.

  • Nordschleife

    Volvo ruined my dreams for a reasonablely priced C90 with that Polestar mess and Buick ruined my dreams by not making the Avista so it’s up to you Alfa to make a Giulia coupè or a 6C or whatever you want to call it and make it stunning.

  • EyalN

    Sergio Marchionne make up your mind already. the guy doesn’t plan a week ahead. his is coming out with new cars, than cancel them, then coming out with cars that he said he is canceling. when is he going to bring a new Mito that he said he is going to cancel?

    • Pretty much summed up about FCA. Also he seems can’t do multiple things at once. Like at in one period he can only build one brand and left the others.

    • LWOAP

      How anyone let him run a company when he keeps changing his mind every five fucking minutes is beyond me.

      • Well at one point Fiat group does thrive under him, but after FCA acquisition he does a lot of questionable decision.

        • Tumbi Mtika

          I think you meant to type in “acquisition”.

  • Vassilis

    How are small cars unprofitable when in Europe they sell like hot cakes? Make the Giulietta as good or better than the Golf and it’ll do very well.

    • Michelin

      As former VWs owner, I ‘m sure thar my Giulietta is still better than Golf. Batter style, better handling, good fuel economy, no one issue il 80.000 km.
      I will never chance it for a Golf …..

    • I’m confused with that myself, I think he meant that there aren’t much of a profit per car there but I think the problem is they don’t really have good offering while everybody (including likes like Suzuki and Hyundai) make a decent small cars.

      But the guy did mention Dart and 200. In Europe they aren’t really a small car and well I think he meant globally. I’m stull curious why Dart failed honestly, I read the review they aren’t that bad. Not the best but not bad either.

      The 200 is hopeless since the beginning, I’m surprised it last that long actually. But I think Hertz needs rental fleet anyway.

  • Longer Left Foot

    Anyone told Roberto Fedeli that his opinion doesn’t matter? It’s all about what Marchionne puts in his product plan powerpoint presentation. History of Alfa under Marchionne means that product plans will change a dozen times between now and 2022, by which time very few car buyers will care as to what Alfa brings out.

  • Bo Hanan

    ALFA left the USA (in shame) with affordable cars that were unreliable. ALFA returns to the USA with expensive cars that are unreliable.???…

    • I don’t think 75 is affordable back then, could be wrong tho. I’m not an American.

      • Bo Hanan

        MIlano (75 everywhere else) was an $18K car in 1988.That was cheaper than BMW and Merc, relatively speaking.

        • Thanks for the insight, after some search within Motor Trend archive they confirm your statement. Cheap price but I think Milano/75 rust turn off a lot of buyer.

  • Six_Tymes

    I hope the improvements will be enough to keep them a float, especially the 4C. If the 4C had come out of the gate with a bit better performance, and had dual wishbone front and rear it might have sold more than it has. I hope the second gen has all the changes it needs.

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