Cadillac ATS Sedan Could Be Dropped For 2019

The Cadillac ATS serves an important role as the company’s entry-level sedan but new documents suggest the model could be going away for the 2019 model year.

According to VIN codes unearthed by The Truth About Cars, Cadillac will only sell the ATS in coupe form in 2019. That would be a drastic change as the ATS is one of the company’s best-selling sedans.

Carsalesbase data shows Cadillac sold a combined total of 21,505 ATS sedans and coupes last year but that’s down significantly from the 38,319 units that were sold in 2013. This year looks particularly bad as the company has only sold around 12,000 units in the United States through November.

CTS sales have also fallen significantly in recent years as Cadillac sold 15,911 models in 2016 which is a drastic drop from the 31,115 units that were sold two years prior.

Cadillac wasn’t feeling too talkative about the ATS’ future but Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen recently said “We have to rebalance our sedan portfolio” and this will eventually lead to the elimination of the ATS, CTS, and XTS. All three models are set to be replaced by the new CT5 which is slated to start at around $35,000.

Later on, the company will introduce a new entry-level sedan which is set to compete with the Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA-Class.

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  • Six_Tymes

    demand for suv’s…

    • Rocket

      Plus, not understanding what your core customer wants. How many Cadillac customers have declared they want a car that clips apexes like the Germans rather than a comfy cruiser? And how many BMW owners have said “I like my car, but I’d like it even better if it had a Cadillac badge.”?

      • jsz00

        aren’t you the very same people who complained years ago that Cadillac needs to get away from making boring cars? You “enthusiasts” are schizophrenic.

        • Rocket

          No such words ever came from my lips. I’ve been arguing that Cadillac was chasing the wrong customers for years. And I’ll continue doing so. Cadillac’s own numbers prove they’re heading down the wrong path. Their current best sellers are soft-riding FWD CUV (XT5) an outdated, soft-riding FWD sedan (XTS). Future best sellers include the Equinox-based XT4 and Traverse-based XT-whatever. Oh, and their flagship … a body-on-frame truck.

          If the worst selling cars in your entire lineup are the sportiest, doesn’t that tell you what your customers want? Or more importantly, what they don’t want?

  • roy

    Cadillac you fool… Merc audi and bmw sells entry level models like a class and shit because if the image created by higher models… So if you kill the her models them for will you sell the entry level ones ?

    • pcurve

      Cadillac hasn’t had a decent flagship sedan for years. The last semi competitive flagship was 1992 STS. Consolidating its lineup is a smart thing to do, like Acura did with TL, TSX = TLX. Your point is still valid with their SUV in that they would never kill off Escalade. They need a mini Escalade.

      • TheBelltower

        Cadillac hasn’t had a decent flagship since the 1960s. I’d say that, after a half century, it might be a good idea to try a little harder. People used to be amazed by Cadillac. But those days are long gone. They need to build some of their concept cars, and fewer of the mediocre cars they are attempting to sell.

        • Nick099

          I would disagree. They have some great cars with fantastic chassis underneath. They handle better than any Caddy ever did or even dreamed of.
          The big mistake now is horsepower and pricing.
          They kept a V-8 out of the CT6. It has a TT V-6, bit only 404 HP. To compete with the big boys you need at least over 500 HP.
          Horsepower sells.

          • TheBelltower

            Don’t get me wrong. When I say “mediocre” I simply mean curb presence. Cadillacs are substantial cars, and are engineered very well. (though the SUVs are meh.) But Cadillac misses in two key areas… 1-Style and, 2-The details. If Cadillac built an Elmiraj or a Cien, and also made the interior feel like something that could be passed-on for generations, then Cadillac would have a waiting list around the block of people with their checkbooks out.

      • roy

        True. What I’m trying to say is that diye I’ve they should come up with a good strategy and stick to it

      • Nick099

        The 92 STS was junk. FWD was never a competitive platform for a high end car.

        I have owned both the CTS and ATS along with Audi’s and BMW’s.
        No doubt the Caddy wins in reliability and maintenance costs.
        The ATS is a canyon carver with few equals in its class.
        Cadillac has a few gems, but the huge problem is the price. Their CEO raised the prices of Caddys across the board a few years ago. That was way too soon.
        People expect domestics to be cheaper in price.

        • SteersUright

          Many more issues than just price. The discounts on Caddy’s have been massive and they still don’t sell. The ATS falls behind in almost every measurable metric, from interior, engines, exterior design, cramped rear seats, and on… Sure it handles well, so does a racing kart, that doesn’t mean that excelling in a single area is enough. Almost every one of its peers handles well too, but they do everything else much better as well and consumers, voting with their dollars, clearly take notice.

    • no25

      reading this comment gave me such a headache

      • roy

        It is my pressure

      • roy

        Also I was a bit high and I my autocorrect is world famous for… Err… Autocorrecting

  • YUGE

    Old geezers buy Cadillac.

  • YUGE


  • Nick099

    GM should drop Johan de Nysschen.
    This clown raised the prices of Cadillac across the board several years ago and now wonders why sales have been declining.

    • SteersUright

      Stems from Above. Mary Debarra or whatever the heck her name is, has no business running GM.

  • BlackPegasus

    Someone please tell me Cadillac isn’t seriously considering dropping the ATS.
    And someone please tell me Cadillac isn’t seriously considering a SMALLER car in place of the ATS.

  • Tex

    It has been hard for Cadillac to shake off the old fart image, which, coupled with expensive, unreliable, and, as in the ATS case, impractical models, makes the existence of the brand questionable. If I were not for wannabes blindly imitating some celebrities intentionally driving the boat(Escalade), what else does it have going for it? Genesis on the other hand has come up the ranks quickly, despite some tweaks it has to work on.

    • dumblikeyou2

      hahaha. Genisis. as if

      • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

        You must have missed the Motor Trend comparison test where the G90 beat out the new 7 Series, the new Lexus LS, and the Continental.

        Yeah, you definitely missed that.

        • dumblikeyou2

          I’m not arguing it isn’t a good car. It certainly isn’t a premium brand image though. That takes years to build in today’s market. When Acura, Lexus and Infiniti did it, the market was way different, and they launched with stand-alone newly built showrooms. The fact they launched with what are basically re-badged Hyundais in their current showrooms just solidifies the image of a bargain faux premium car. I actually think they are a nicely desirable cars as an alternative to a premium brands that may be out of reach for a lot. The G90 has a nice presence especially compared the over-hyped Continental that still looks like a dowdy Ford, but in no way does it hold the same cache as a the Germans or Lexus do, maybe the VW CC, but that’s about it.

          Cadillac is its own problem. They’re in a tricky spot. They may be able to maintain, but thrive like they did 10 years ago? That moment may have passed.

  • AstonMartin

    Build the Escala and Elmiraj Concepts – that will create an immediate turn around in business. As a matter of fact, build ALL of the concepts that were never built and Cadillac will be the top car brand sold in America.

    • Jay

      sad but true. You need halo cars that trickle bits of that design into the rest. I don’t get american car design. Outside a couple of muscle cars and trucks, they are the least desirable looking automobiles.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      They’d sell about 10.

      People aren’t even looking at Cadillac now, what makes you think they would buy a $100k+ flagship from them? The brand has lost all of its prestige and has a negative stigma associated with it.


    • Bash

      I just went a head and down voted this comment straight forward for one obvious reason. lol

  • Bash

    I hope they have plans to replace it.

  • Jim Ragland

    Wow…no good management among the elite brand we call Cadillac. Finally make good drivers cars and don’t sweat the details. Can sale the S$%T of the Escalade, and it’s not even the best of the best and details still not sweated. To think Lincoln is making a comeback of sorts and Caddy running around with blinders on….so tired now.

  • Ray

    Get rid of the ATS and make it a Chevrolet.

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    Maybe if Cadillac got the details right, people would have bought it.

    Smallest back seat in the segment, so small it is almost unusable. Interior materials are barely better than a Chevy Malibu, gauges that look like it came out of a 90’s Cavalier, and it is priced just like a 3 Series.

    It drives fantastic, but misses all of the other finer points that make it a premium vehicle.

  • Subi-Rubicon1

    This excuse is no longer valid. How many times can they use it? Johan de Nysschen simply needs to acknowledge that their products needs new life! The ATS has been in the market since 2012 without any major updates or improvements. Get with the program JOHAN!!! Learn a thing or two from the competition,since they are constantly updating/improving their offerings.

  • SteersUright

    This comes as a surprise to no-one. Subpar product in the category with only its decent handling to fall back on and nothing else.

  • SteersUright

    Here’s how the ATS succeeds: drop the Camaro V6 (as base engine) and Camaro V8 (V-model) in it, give it a seriously sexy redesign on the inside and out with proper fenders, not the narrow body crap it has now, give it more rear-seat room without sacrificing handling and excess weight gain (c’mon, BMW & MB managed to so you can too), give all Cadillacs 6 year 75k mile warranties to show confidence in products. Done.

    • jsz00

      Too late, Cadillac is running out of cash. It needs more SUVs.

  • YUGE

    Cadillac is for old gezeers who want a junky & unreliable vehicles.

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